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Aug 17, 2000 05:37 PM

Camden, ME Fantasy Blueberry Pancakes

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Settle back and imagine the perfect blueberry pancake.

Hordes of those BB-sized tiny, but flavor-galore wild Maine blueberries.

An honest pancake batter, not crepe light or egg-white flufy, that holds the blueberries from rolling around your plate and keeps you going until a late lunch.

The Mariner in downtown Camden looks like a faux-local tourist trap - uncomfortable booths, crowded tables, zippy service. Just the best blueberry pancakes in the whole world.

For the gluttinous, like me, share a cinnamon roll if you have a party of four, or if only two, order one anyway and either gorge or walk away with it.

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  1. I can't stand Mariner's: Everything is DIRTY, including the plates! For the absolutely best blueberry pancakes go to the Corner Shop in Rockport Harbour.

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    1. re: Emma K.

      Better yet, stop along Route 1; buy your berries; bring 'em home in your coolah; make your own blueberry buttermilk pancakes. Eat some; freeze some; freeze some berries for blueberry compote for pancakes come wintah.

    2. My whole family agrees on the subject of blueberry pancakes from the Mariner in Camden, Me. My 21 yr.ols son saw an actor from Stark Trek having breakfast with his wife and children. The word is out--the Mariner serves the Best Blueberry pancakes in Maine. Enjoy!!

      1. This goes back many years, but if they're still there, the folks that run the pancake house in Sugar Hill, N.H. make the most perfect blueberry (and otherwise) pancakes I've ever had. A truly memorable experience!

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        1. re: Rick

          You must mean Polly's, a Roadfood favorite.