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Aug 13, 2000 08:47 PM

Shelburne, Vt., good restaurants?

  • j

My husband and I will be going to Shelburne, Vt. on Aug.16th, can anyone recommend a really good restaurant?

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  1. Tratoria Delia (864-5253) ten miles north in Burlington has nice Italian food. It is a popular restaurant so you should call if you want a table at a prime time.

    Starry Night Cafe (877-6316)ten miles south in Ferrisburgh is a tiny upscale place with good food. It is only a few months old so you will need reservations.

    I don't know much about the food in Shelburne except to say the diner near the grocery store is a good one and the Inn at Shelburne Farms (985-8498)is a great setting and the food is okay but disappointing given the expectations the beautiful spot builds.