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Jul 31, 2000 05:24 PM

Fish & Chips in Boothbay, Maine

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Absolutely outstanding fish and chips to be had at "Bev's Fish & Chips" a portable trailer across the street from the Boothbay Baptist Church. On the main road as you approach town from the south. Bev says one order is enough for two, but it would easily feed three people.
According to Bev, the cook, this is a family business and her brothers and others bring in the catch and she cooks it up. They also own the little fish market/general store next to the trailer.
We happened upon this place by accident. Were stopped at the gas station across the street and noticed all of the cars and line of people stopping at the trailer.
There are picnic tables on the lawn if you don't want to take you food in the car.

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  1. Same ole recommendation, now metioned several times here in different messages by different people -- Sea Basket, Route 1 north, Wiscasset.

    1. Are you kidding? I live across the street from Bette's fish fry, and it's incredible! It's my favorite summer meal ... I'm a big guy, and the servings seem huge to me!