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Jul 14, 2000 02:49 PM

Lobster Prices

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Does anyone know the current prices for whole lobsters at either the lobster pounds or roadside stands in the Bar Harbor area. I will be visiting in late July and need to plan a budget for 10 people for 7 days of lobsters! If necessary, I guess we cut out luxuries like soap, shampoo, gas....ect. lol

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  1. Don't know about Bar Harbor, but here in Portland it's around $4-$5/lb (around $6-7 total for a decent-sized lobster) at the fish markets. I haven't seen any for less than $3.75. This seems expensive to me (I just moved here), but they tell me the price actually goes down somewhat in the summertime.

    Steamers are around $2/lb.

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      just got back from Swan's Island.. 40 minutes off the coast from Bass Harbor/ near MDI. Soft shell lobsters were 4.50 per pound based on a 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounder. Hard shells were 6.00 per pound for a 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 poundah..

      Haddock was $ 6.25 per pound for the best darn haddock you've ever eaten.

      Cod was 4.50 per pound or so.

      Larger lobstahs cost mo money...
      why bar harbour? Sort of like Camden but with way more tourists and t shirt shops?
      I say try Belfast or Isle au Haut.. Just my luck to have a home on Swan's.

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        Do any of you know the prices of Lobster in Newfoundland??

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          Haddock went up from the year 2000 to about 7.99 at stores or a 15%ish increace. Cod had about a 100% increase to 8.99 lb And lobster is probably at its all time inflation adjusted low. I would compare it to great depression pricing.

      2. Does anyone out there know the current prices (buying rate) of spiny lobster in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

        Your repyl will be highly appreciated.

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          I suggest you post this on the international board. We only get New England Lobster here.


        2. How about a 2009 Update on Lobster Prices!
          We ate lobsters in Hong Kong in August 2009 for under US$12 per lobster. Have a look at our blog posting about it: http://travelingloveaffair.blogspot.c...
          Also there was a fascinating article in June 2009 in The Atlantic Chanel website about lobster prices. Have a look:

          Enjoy it while you can!

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            I didn't know I could only eat lobster for these reasons. I'll have to stop eating them now. I didn't know??? I eat them because I wanted them. Just like sometimes I want a steak or sometimes chicken or pork chops.......Since Lobster always cost more than a filet mignon this time of year it sounds like a bargan in comparison to its typical prices.
            After all, hot dogs 7.99 lb... lobster is a bargan at twice the price of hot dogs.

            "CEO of Lynn, Mass., seafood distributor East Coast Seafoods. "Lobster is considered a celebration food -- a feel-good food -- and right now people don't have a lot to celebrate," says Tourkistas"