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Jul 13, 2000 06:51 PM

The Place (Guilford, CT, near New Haven)

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Most chowhounds have heard of The Place (901 Boston Post Road, (203) 453-9276), a huge outdoor pit barbecue serving up clams and corn and stuff. Very outdoors, summers-only, BYO, casual, great.

But I just noticed they've got a website. Check it out at the link below


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  1. What a great website. Simple, easy to navigate, and really reminds you of the place (especially with those tree stumps). Haven't been there in years and I forgot that the food is roasted. I'll have to go check it out. Thanks.


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      Michael Hoffman

      I remember when this place was Whitey's Roast Clams. It was great then, and a dozen roasted clams cost $2.00 I see that it's gone up a little.