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Jul 13, 2000 03:38 PM

Vermont - Charlotte, Shelbourne, Middlebury

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I will be vacationing on Lake Champlain near Charlotte, VT the last week of July. Any suggestions for restaurants in that immediate area? I hear Cafe Shelbourne is good so that is already on the list. I am mostly in interested in good food in quaint settings.



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  1. David,

    I went to a diner on the corner of the major road that runs through Middlebury (it's Route whatever) and the town square...had breakfast there last August. I think it's the best diner breakfast I ever had. Well worth a trip, I'd just dropped someone off at the Burlington airport.

    There's also a little quaint place with excellent food squeezed in between a bunch of larger commercial places in South Burlington, I think it's called Pauline's or Paulette's--someone else will surely jump in and correct me. Good for lunch or dinner.

    If you have time to hop on the Interstate, go to Villa Trigara in Waterbury, just a bit north of the Waterbury exit (you'll pass Ben & Jerry's first). Wonderful Italian food, make sure you make a reservation. The chef will prepare things not on the menu, too--ask if he's making any particular seafood risotto that night.