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Jul 13, 2000 11:14 AM

Maine: Kennebunkport/Bar Harbor/Moosehead Lake

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I am traveling to Maine next week and was looking for some suggestions in the following areas:

On my drive up, I expect to be near Kennebunkport around lunchtime--any suggestions of places not too far from the highway would be appreciated.

I'll be staying in Bar Harbor and then at Moosehead Lake,which I gather is near Greenville. Any suggestions for places in those areas would be much appreciated as well.

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  1. Eat dinner at the Greenville Inn. Wonderful decor and great food, in the middle of nowhere. If you can, stay at the Lodge at Moosehead. Dinner for guests only. Good dinner and fabulous views.

    1. On our way back from Bar Harbor we stopped for lunch at Chauncey Lobster Pier in Kittery a 5 minute drive off Route 1. Lobster at picnic tables outside along the water. The best lobster we had all week.

      1. If your around Lincolnville (Rte 1 near Belfast) then don't miss The Lobster Pound restaurant. They make a Lobster Stew that's soooo good. It's expensive (everything with lobster is)but it's the best I've had. The broth alone is good enough to make your mouth water! I was sceptical but was totally won over. Check it out before it closes for the season.