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Jul 12, 2000 07:44 PM

places to eat in the Boothbay area

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Hi! I am going to be spending a couple of weeks this August in the Boothbay area. Specifically in East Boothbay. I am looking for the best places to go for: lobster and other seafood (obviously), coffee, pancakes, late night snacks. I tend to go to bed when most sane people are getting out of bed. Quality and price (lower is better) are the most important factors to consider. Even though I will be vacationing, the fewer tourists I have to deal with, the better.


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  1. Boothbay abounds in places to eat at all price ranges. If you're willing to get out of BB Harbor, which is jammed in the summa, take a run up to Damariscotta and be sure to stop on Route 1 at Hilltop for ice cream. Of course, you can buy it in the Shop&Rob in BBH.

    Sea Basket on Route 1 and Red's Eats at the bridge in Wiscasset (see other postings) are reasonable and authentic.

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      RE: Ice cream at Route 1 at Hilltop

      This is a fantastic homemade ice cream place - do not order the yogurt! ; ) Sometimes they even have "dog ice-cream". Yes dog ice-cream...when the make a mistake like leaving out the sugar they make dog ice-cream and only four-footed canines that are accompanying an adult are allowed to have scoop. FREE!


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        Is this a reference to Roundtop in Damariscotta? If so, I'd kind of expect that. I think this is B&J's Before. Roundtop exports to Boothbay and as far south as Wiscasset. Their blueberry ice cream is the only of its kind I've ever had that tasted like the fruit. I saw their truck in front of Le Garage and had a cone at Red's Eats at the Wiscasset bridge.

    2. We have just spent a week on Squirrel Island...ferry goes from Boothbay Harbor. We took the advice of the ferryboat captain and lunched at the Lobstermen's Co-op. We just had lobster but it was excellent...and we were comparing it to others we had during the week.
      Also, this is where the lobster boats dock and unload their catch. You not only get some wonderful food, but can watch it coming in fresh.
      To get there walk across the footbridge (or you can drive) and the co-op is almost across the street from the Catholic church. You can see the steeple as a guide.