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Dining in Amherst MA area

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Any places I should be seeking out in Amherst MA and vicinity? Local specialities preferred, but any good quality/informal/creative or traditional places will be appreciated. Moderate prices are welcome but if need be, I will pay top dollar for special experiences.


Jim Zurer
Washington DC

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  1. Haymarket Cafe is just 15 minutes away in Northampton. I don't know its street address, but it's along one of the 2 main drags, right downtown. It looks like a coffee bar, but go downstairs and you'll find yourself in a vegetarian restaurant. Try the rice dishes. Try the appetizers. Try anything -- I have yet to order anything there that hasn't turned out to be tasty!

    1. Definitely check out the restaurants in Northampton! My favorite is Teapot which serves Japanese as well as Chinese food.

      1. If you like good italian I would recommend either pinnochios in Amherst or Spoleto in Northampton. Tons of great restaurants in Northampton such as the East Side Grill, Mezza Luna and Delray bar and grill.

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          Spoletos? Noisy. Expensive. Boring food choices. Pinnochios is good but waaaay expensive.

          Try Judies in Amherst or Paul and Elizabeths in Northampton.

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            Judie's is just never as good as it should be. The dishes are described/named beautifully but the food is bland, bland, bland. Popovers, when fresh, are good, but quality has varied when I've been there.

        2. Pinnochio's In Amherst is amazing Italian food. The mushroom appetizer is not to be missed

          1. I would check out the Sierra Grille in Northampton on Strong Avenue. Mostly organic or locally grown food, no liquor license but the beers make up for it.

            1. I second Sierra Grille. Also in Northampton, Thai Garden and India House.

              1. For Amherst I recommend Bueno Y Sano and Antonios Pizza. Both are pretty cheap, fantastic food, healthier options available at both. Antonios has creative speciality pizzas rotating daily.

                Also next door is the Amherst Brewing Company. Prices vary. I've had both really good and so-so meals there. When looking to have dinner cheap I get a cup of their Irish beef stew to-go. It rings up to under $4 and comes with bread. I just had their pub cheese plate. Came with a smoked cheese, I think gouda, a jalapeno jack, some creamy spread of some sort, crackers, and a huge loaf of fresh baked bread. It was a meal in itself! Had that with the stew and an Octoberfest beer. Good stuff. They do good burgers, tuna steak salads, jambalaya, etc.

                1. there is another amherst post on here i think you should check out