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May 20, 2000 08:06 PM


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would like to know a real romantic restaurant in the area don't care what kind or price just the most romantic not a tourist trap

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  1. I'm not sure what constitutes romantic for you but there is a website that has most every menu for the restaurants on the Cape. You can probably get a pretty good idea of each place from it. If you want more info let me know.


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    1. re: Stefany B.

      For some strange reason, Chatham--- the quintessential
      N.E. fishing village--- really lacks an authentic sea-
      food restaurant with atmosphere.......however, if you
      are looking for terrific Portuguese style mussels, try
      the Impudent Oyster on Chatham Bars Avenue off of Main
      Street.....the Queen Anne Inn on Queen Anne Road off of
      Oyster Pond is romantic,all right, but the prices may
      knock your socks off.......probably the best seafood
      place nearby is the Brewster Fish House on Rt. 6A, but
      there are no reservations and unless you want to eat at
      5 P.M. when it opens, forget it!......however, the Sea
      Grille in Harwichport, the next town to the west, on
      Sea Street, is excellent and does take reservations...
      each course is served with a flair and wonderful pres-
      entation......if they are serving the baked scrod, grab

      1. re: Norm

        Norm- I'm here in Chatham as we "speak" and have been since June. I must say that your assessment of the local dining is exactly right on the money, as I see it. Have you been to the new Japanese place Sosumi? Its not bad. Its chef-owned and the cooked food is usually very good if inconsistent. They have a sushi chef who is okay and Japanese but don't expect "big-city" sushi. They call themselves an Asian bistro which in my book is usually not a good sign. The prices are pretty high and the portions are medium but all in all there is skill in the preparation of i.e. scallop tempura, spinach with peanut sauce and the tuna burger. Also the spicy tuna roll is a great change of pace for a summer in Chatham. I have been to Inaho in Yarmouthport and for a more authentic experience I would recommend it over Sosumi, but for a dinner in town that is very pleasant I suggest trying Sosumi. P.S. Brewster Fish House is my favorite for dinner and The Book Store Cafe for oysters and beer is a close second.

        1. re: Stefany B.

          Have you been to Capt'n Elmer's in Orleans? Great seafood. They also have take out available, and a nice harbor, down the road a bit, to sit at and watch the boats come in. But we like to sit at the bar, too.