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May 8, 2000 12:05 PM

Westport, CT: The Mansion and Susan's Cookie Stop

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I passed two intriguing looking places right off of 95 exit 17 in Westport.

Mansion Clam House (541 Riverside Ave 454-7979), and a place called Susan's Cookie Stop (for which I didn't get info).

Anybody know 'em?

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  1. I haven't been to the Mansion Clam House in about ten years, but they used to have pretty decent... fried clams. Over the course of time, they redecorated, fancifying slightly, and began adulterating their fried-clam plate half 'n' half with strips. At about that point, my local friend moved, and I haven't been back; perhaps it's time for a checkup.

    There was also an Allen's Clam (or Fish?) House nearby, at the northern end of the Compo Beach strip, if you're in the neighborhood, but again, I'm going back ten years.

    1. Just went to Susan's over the weekend. It's ADORABLE. You can special order just about any cut out cookie that's painted in the most charming way.

      We bought a few "worm" cookies that were delicious, and a kit of frost & decorate your own cookies as a hostess gift -- which were loved. A great find!

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        Peg--I hate to be perverse (and I'm glad I was able to provide a tip that worked out for you!), but your rave review actually left me trepidatious!

        All the "fun" stuff But you kind of swept right by how they taste, with a "delicious" that seemed almost gratuitous. Aside from the charming paint and decoration/frosting stuff, what do they TASTE like?