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Hot Dogs

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Has anyone heard of this place? I live in New Jersey and am a big hot dog fanatic. My nephew went to school in Conn. and said there was a place called Rawley's (not sure of spelling) that is consistently voted the best hot dog joint around. If anyone has heard of it, please let me know a little about it. Brand of hot dog used; how it's cooked, etc. Here in N.J. we have Syd's in Union and the Windmill (various locations) that make excellent hot dogs

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  1. Rawleys hot dogs are great. It is located in Fairfield,CT right off of I-95. It's a small hot dog stand on US 1 about 1 mile west of the center of town

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      Elizabeth Hilts

      Yeah, it's Rawley's and it is famous and yeah the hot dogs are okay. But for a really great hot dog experience you've GOT to go to the Super Duper Weenie which is further up in Fairfield. Exit 24 (Black Rock Turnpike), go straight and then bear right out of the roundabout. Super Duper is on the left -- it's small, but omigod the hot dogs.
      The owner, Gary Zemola, is a CIA grad and he: 1) makes his own relishes using his grandma's recipes; 2) uses fresh-cut potatoes for his fries (and double fries them); and 3) really loves his hot dogs. As do I, especially the Georgia RedHots. Oh, and the Chicago style dog...and the Philly cheese steak...and pretty much anything Super Duper serves up. He started out in a hot dog wagon and just recently opened this place.

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        mike worthington

        I've eaten at rawley's and Super Duper many times! As a self-styled Hot Dog fan, I think Rawley's makes possibly the Best chili-dog I've had - although Tail O'The Pup in LA is strong also! Super Duper is great, especially the Georgia Red Hot, however I think the quality has gone down a bit with the opening of the restaurant versus the van. I think Gary's thang is so popular he can keep up - recent visit dawgs not cooked enough to my liking - but fingers crossed 'cause Gary's a true Hot Dog Man!

    2. There is a place called Blackies on Route 10 in Cheshire that's great. I think they have Muckies hot dogs, but I go there for their signature, spicy relish.

      1. SD Weenies is brilliant but for THE timeless dog experience the city is New Britain, CT and the spot is "Capitol Lunch". Dog with sauce, mustard and onions is condemned man's last meal good. If you can arrange to eat them on set @ ESPN so much the better.

        1. Super Duper is best HD in SW CT. I have never tried Rawley's so will staay out of that argument until the dog meets the tongue. As good as these dogs are, if you go to the MisAtlantic Board and look for dogs in NJ you will find the NJ has CT hands down in dogs.

          1. I was the original poster, and have since gone to Rawley's. I'm pretty sure it was in 2002. At the time they served a Roessler brand dog that they deep fried and then finished off on a griddle. The dog was good, with a tangy flavor that some Connecticut dogs seem to have. Hummels is another dog with a tangy flavor. I just had my dog with mustard in order to taste the dog itself. I've since learned that Roessler's are no longer made, and that Rawley's now uses Mucke's dogs.

            I've been to Connecticut several times over the years and have had dogs at about a dozen places. New Jersey does have more variety, serving not only the beef/pork dogs that are popular in Connecticut, but also all beef dogs, Texas Weiners, and Italian Hot Dogs. The latter is only served in Jersey. But I would put Connecticut in 2nd place as far as best state to get a good hot dog. Connecticut has 2 very good places that I know of to get a New Jersey/New York style all beef dog. One is Chez Lenard in I think Ridgefield. It's a cart where you can get a Hebrew National with a casing, which is rare. Another place is Top Dog in Cos Cob, which serves a grilled Sabrett.

            Super Duper Weenie also had to change suppliers, as Miller Provisons went out of business. They now use Hummels, which are split and griddled. My favorite Connecticut dogs, taking into consideration that I haven't been to Top Dog or Chez Lenard yet, are Roscoe's in Hartford and the Glenwood Drive In in Hamden. Roscoe's serves a grilled Thumann's. It's my favorite beef and pork, or German style dog. The Glenwood Drive In makes a delicious char grilled Hummels dog. Danny's in Stratford and Mac's Canteen were also very good.

            1. Super Duper is my fave, but Rawley's is excellent as well. Their dog with the works is excellent. Nothing like a hot dog with bacon to get you going. Also curious to try the newly-renovated Swanky's.

              1. Anybody remember an outfit called Zab's? I loved those hot dogs, at least to the best of my recollection...

                1. Rawley's is without adoubt the best hot dog around. When I travel from Philly back to visit family in CT, I stop at Rawley before I see anyone. Super Duper is more hype than anything else, but that's my own opinion. Chico was great running the counter at Rawley's. You would always look to see what side of the ROCK your order was on! The fries are awesome and NOBODY made a better black and white shake!!!

                  1. Rawley's is OK. I just ate there today for lunch. The toasted roll with butter was a nice touch. But I felt $2.50 for a regular hot dog was a bit pricey. Super Duper Weenie costs more but the dogs are bigger. I'd rather go to Merritt Canteen in Bridgeport where they serve Hummel Dogs for $1.95.