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Apr 9, 2000 11:32 PM

Diorio's in Waterbury, Ct

  • j

Had occasion to go there last week and it was so good that I thought I was in the Twilight Zone instead of somewhat rural Connecticut.

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  1. We need more info than that...I'm often dying for a good place to eat between NYC and Boston on 84...

    What's so good about this place...Is this the Italian place in Waterbury that was reviewed glowingly in the Times a few years back????

    Tell us more!!!!!

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    1. re: Tom G.

      This is the place that was reviewed in the NYT. Great food, "intersting" atmosphere, and dead smack in the middle of the Boston - New York run. It is a bit difficult to find (Exit 22 I believe) but is worth the trip. Old school Italian fare in generous portions done with as much class as the fading light of Waterbury, CT can muster. No need to watch the Sopranos if you are a regular here, in fact the real life guys are more interesting.