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Mar 3, 2000 06:29 PM

resto recommendations: Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Harwich

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Grateful for all opinions for early summer, 2000.

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  1. Hi, there. I'm from Orleans and love to eat out. Just a few suggestions. "Land Ho"/Orleans has extensive menu--seafood, primarily, & crowded (even in winter)--worth the wait. Most popular place in Orleans (excellent swordfish!!!) Another new dinner house is "The Hole In One"/Orleans, which just hired a gourmet chef from Manhattan for Italian entrees (this spring/summer)--just added dinners to the very reasonable breakfasts & deli lunch. Hasn't been advertised much yet for their new dinners. Beautiful presentation! Only 10 tables, BYOB, & kind of a "hole in the wall"...but excellent food! Also in Orleans..."The Jailhouse"--also an excellent place for seafood...great scallops and tons of them on the entree! Eastham doesn't have much going for them, except "The Fairway." Excellent breakfasts & pizza, steaks, etc., for dinner--no lunch. They need more places! Not much on Chatham or Harwich. Hope this helps.

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      These restaurants sound great. When on the Cape if you don't eat seafood it's like getting McDonalds in Paris.

      But I have one question for you all: Is anyone else out there abstaining from eating swordfish? When I was a kid swordfish was the ONLY fish I would eat. I haven't eaten a swordfish steak since I learned of the steep decline in the swordfish population. This is getting very tough. The other night I passed up a swordfish special at a very good reastaurant for some seared scallops. I'm really starting to crave a thick slab of swordfish but I feel that I helped bring about the current crisis with my years of swordfish eating so I am still abstaining.

      Any thoughts on this? Orange roughy is gone from menus, probably for decades. I don't want swordfish to meet the same fate, but it's a better fate than extinction, which is where orange roughy was headed until people learned more about its life cycle.

      Sorry for the long post. It's not my style.

      Bob W.

      1. re: Bob W.

        Boycott issues, like most ethical questions are tricky to sort out. I haven't heard any news on the swordfish question in quite some time, but this is the type of thing Jonathan Gold stays on top of...if he's reading along, hopefully he'll chime in (or anyone else who knows the latest).

        Hey, why is everyone suddenly apologizing for long posts? We've got nothing but space here! Everyone is most welcome to express themselves at whatever length they'd like...that's the beauty of the Internet!


    2. In Chatham- Vinings Bistro; You should also not exclude Brewster and Dennis. The Brewster Fish House is my favorite in the area, small and personal and excellent.

      I have to say, however, that when I'm at the Cape I find the best food is not in restaurants. Provisions of excellent quality are available all throughout the Cape with the possible exception of really great bread. Excellent fish, lobster and fresh vegetables and fruit are the real stars and, of course, homemade icecream.

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      1. re: Stefany B.

        Stefany (or anybody), what are some of the good ice cream places on the Cape?

        1. re: Jim Leff

          My favorite ice cream place on the Cape (at least since Turner's closed and they only served two good flavors, raspberry and strawberry mousse in a short season) is Four Seas in Centerville. Not every flavor is superb, but all are at least good. They make superb sundaes, my favorite being fresh coconut ice cream with hot fudge. Their fruit ice creams are also very worthy of note, esp. the canteloupe. Other standouts include the penuche pecan and the pistachio w/ pineapple. It sounds weird but it works.

          You can either sit inside in the lopsided dining area, or join the crowds in front and in the lot. Just like they say that Motown music was mixed for optimal sound on the car radio, and Epoisse cheese goes well with Burgundy wines (not to mention Marc ), the fullest flavors are brought out with the aromas of asphalt and car exhaust. It also tastes good brought back to the house.

          I am not much of a celebrity watcher, but was flustered once to find Teddy Kennedy next to me in line (it is just about 5 minutes from Hyannisport). He looks much worse in person than he does on TV and in the newspapers, and I thought that cameras added pounds. Also, people of size (myself included) should know that tight light green non-knit polos don't work. I always thought that famous folks had people to tell them these things. Teddy had a peach cone; shows he has good taste.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            For me, homemade icecream on the Cape means Sundae School. They have a couple of places but the two I've been to are in East Orleans and Harwichport. They have a list of flavors as long as your arm and I've yet to taste one I didn't like. I must admit that since I haven't been to the Cape since August, I'm at a loss to remember the flavors I've had but will report more specificly at the end of June. Also, I simply adore their lime rickey which is made of simple syrup, muddled limes and soda; pure, fresh and a palate tickler. Oh, and the whipped cream is also homemade and the cherry on the sundae is a fresh Bing cherry not the embalmed kind. Worth a trip from anywhere.

            1. re: Jim Leff

              I'm lately totally absorbed by thoughts of the Cape since I will be leaving to go there in 4 weeks. Anyway, I just tried to see if Sundae School, the best place for homemade icecream, had a site. Well they do! So if you're interested in IMHO the best, you may want to go to this site....


          2. m

            Thanks to all respondents. My notes:
            Tom's PX, chatham- strip mall just before rte 6 east turnoff to harding's beach- relaxed luncheonette. high recommendation.
            Chatham Squire- Chatham Center- Very good chowder, burgers, fish. busy. helpful, lots of vacationing families and locals. Recommended
            Vining's Bistro Chatham Center- Good service- Our best fancy eating
            Arnold's Eastham- Great fried clams
            Campari's -East Orleans- fairly pricey. Food OK
            Barleyneck Inn- E.Orleans- food OK; Service stiff. Room (us?) tense here
            Cottage Street Bakery-Orleans- near rte 6a and 28- The
            "dirt bombs really worth a detour
            Bonnat Resto & Bakery - Harwichport- Congenial. We didn't care for thir "famous" meltaways

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            1. re: M

              Forgot to recommend highly two candy sources:
              Chatham Candy Manor
              in Falmouth, Bill and Bob's for choc Walnut Fudge

              1. re: M

                Capt'n Elmer's in Orleans has the best Fish and Chips! And that is just the begining of their wonderful menu. We always start our meal with homemade Kale Soup. Fried clams and linguini with clam sauce are great. The Lobster Grand Marnier is an amazing splurge, but worth the $ and the calories, once a trip.