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Oct 4, 1999 08:57 AM

I95 and Providence

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I'm sorry I asked this question on the wrong message board. I'll try again. Does anyone know a good stop near I95 when you're stuck in traffic between Providence and NYC? I'm looking for tasty, fast, and not expensive.
My better eating experiences in Providence when I visit my daughter at Brown include: L'Epicureo, 238 Atwells, excellent Italian; Rue de L'Espoir, 99 Hope St, good brunch; the Meeting St Cafe, right around the corner from Thayer, for big sandwiches but especially yummy desserts. This parents' weekend we are trying Cafe Nuovo on the water and expensive mediterranean food. Thanks

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  1. c

    It may have not been the right place to start the thread , However you'd better take a look see at the tri-state board where you originally posted. Quite a nice discussion going on.

    1. Alison, as you may know, these regional boards are very new, so we're ALL getting used to them...what to put where, etc!

      Hopefully your message here will draw the attention of people with central/eastern CT and RI tips. There's not so much action in the New England region right now, but that will change soon.