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Aug 1, 1999 10:44 PM

Newport, RI recommedations

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We're spending the weekend in Newport and have been to
both the places already recommended here - Asterisk
and Obleisk and Scales and Shalle. Does anyone have
any others ideas? Cuisine is open. Thaks for your

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  1. Perhaps you already saw my posting but if you haven't,
    here goes:

    My wife and I ate at the Black Pearl on Bannister's
    Wharf. The clam chowder was outstanding. My wife's
    lobster was large and fresh as can be. Unfortunately,
    my soft-shell crabs, while tasty, were very small.
    There was a scallop and mushroom dish that looked very
    good, however, I did not try it.

    By the way, if you want to do something really
    special, we took a sunset cruise on the Madeline which
    is also on Banister's Wharf. The boat was out for
    about 1 1/2 hours and it was heavenly! You can buy
    tickets right near the Black Pearl but get them early.

    Pls report back about how your weekend went.

    Steve W.

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    1. re: Steve


      Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, I could not
      get the rest of my group to agree, so we ended up at
      Asterix and Obelisk again. The menu has changed since
      last year and many of the more innovative dishes are
      gone. The food was fine, but the place is very noisy
      and the service is slow.

      We also returned to Scales and Shells. The oysters
      were pristine, but the portions of fish were very
      small. Service here is very friendly and fast.

      I will take your advice next year.

      Thanks again,


    2. Try The Salvation Cafe. Very funky interesting retro place with great food. Just past City Hall around the corner from the famous White Hourse Tavern. I like it vcause it's not so downtowny. but if you want downtown try the West Desk. Great place trust me. off thames st. near Scales and Shells.