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Jul 16, 1999 08:52 PM

Dinner @ Blue Ginger w/Ming Tsai

  • j

Brought the junior dogs & Mrs. K to Blue Ginger (
Wellesley, Ma.) the restaurant that Ming Tsai of East
Meets West on the Food Network runs/owns.
I say this because he was right there in the open
kitchen expediting meals.
His show is my 8 year old daughter jen's fav show.
She was really starstruck seeing her culinary hero do
his thing.
This place is booked weeks in advance and now I know
why - the food is worth the wait!!!.
If anyone wants to know more email me - but the
highlight of the evening was the Mingster stopping at
our table and autographing menus for Chris & Jen.
We also talked about Joe's Shanghai in Flushing, and I
told him I thought Shanghai Tang was better and said he
had heard the same reports.
Go to Blue Ginger!!
Regards, JK

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  1. "If anyone wants to know more email me"

    JK, as a charter regular of this site, you should know
    better! Please don't email; post good chow talk here in
    the open so we can all benefit from the discussion. We
    have infinite space for such discussion, and you know
    the saying:

    "Post in private, help a hound. Post in public, help
    the whole pack"

    Anyway, I'd love to hear more specific description of
    the actual food...I don't own a tv, so I probably
    wouldn't be much affected by the celeb thang...


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      sorry to say, I've eaten in blue ginger twice in the last year- I cannot recommend the place- at best its just fair-wouldn't go back-sorry I went there for the second time. thx ya'll

      1. re: stephen kaye

        Ditto, alas: Much over-hyped.

        1. re: m

          looks like you, Mrs K and the chowpups got very lucky!

          I too had a hit & miss lunch there 4 months ago, with
          the misses outnumbering the hits.


          1. re: Janet Traub

            Sorry it took so long but I've been on the road these
            past 2 weeks.
            For starters - softshell crab-avocado tempura W/
            cucumber sushi rice, delicious but pricey for 12.00 as
            an appetizer. pan fried foie gras & mushroom ravioli
            with brown butter vinaigrette and an order of crispy
            and delicious calamari with a thai cilantro dipping
            for entrees we all shared - Korean Barbecue Hanger
            Steak with sesame fried rice and cucumber kimchee,
            pan seared halibut with artichokes,pearl onions and
            nice yukon gold mashed potatoes,
            and seared day boat scallops with a foie gras sauce and
            chanterelle salad.
            This place is fairly expensive, but I have to say we
            all enjoyed the food very much.
            I wonder if the fact that Ming was actually working the
            kitchen that night had anything to do with ours being a
            better experience than the other posts?
            Also, my apologies dog, for not poting this info in my
            first post, I've been nuts lately with my new job.
            Regards, JK

            1. re: John Knoesel

              I dragged all my Boston friends with me to Blue Ginger this past weekend, and the meal was delicious. Standouts included the Pumpkin hot/sour soup, Shittake/foie gras shumai, and the Marinated sea bass (the flying fish roe was great on this). Some of the other dishes actually have a "blah" fusion flavor -a little spicy, a little sweet... but I liked the desserts a lot too. Only blemish there -the whipped cream was too stiff. Decor is kind of pleasant, staff is really nice, and it was cool to see his Emmy and the ceramic knives he totes. His website's menus are not updated weekly.

              I'm a freelance writer trying to put together a story about Ming, so if any of you have any antedotes, personal info, please email me!!!! Thanks...