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Favorite Lobster Pounds

AHR May 15, 1999 09:51 PM

As I prepare for a clam and lobster trip up the New
England coast, I thought I'd open a thread on lobster

Besides the Sterns' well-known choices (Abbott's,
Nunan's, Two Lights, Beal's) and the ever-popular
Lobsterman's Coop and Robinson's in Boothbay Harbor,
my own very favorite is the Muscongus Bay pound at the
left rear of the parking lot at Round Pond, near
Pemaquid Point, Maine (the more distant of the two
establishments that share the lot, though, for all I
know, they may be under the same management). It's
simple, uncrowded, inexpensive, and, at least as of
last summer, nearly perfect for a casual outdoor meal
of steamers, lobster, and corn. You may, if you wish,
pick up beer, wine and/or bread in Damariscotta on the
way out. Shaw's pound nearby is also perfectly fine,
but somewhat overcrowded and touristy. For what it's
worth, one of the locals claimed that Pemaquid is the
optimal spot on the coast for trapping lobsters, due
to an abnormality of the Gulf Stream that makes its
waters especially chilly.

Any other suggestions?

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    M-L. Jan 31, 2000 09:17 PM

    You got it right the first time. For summa 2000, you can do no betta than Muscongus Bay right behind Round Pond Inn. The building is an architectural atrocity, but the lobsta is the best! There's another sort of log cabin place off the beaten path in Bristol or Pemaquid. That's very good, too.

    As for Shaw's and Robinson's, they're OK; but they sell t-shirts with their logos on them. Enough said. But if you like that kind of thing, Spinney's at Fort Popham is thick with local color.

    While we're on the subject, does Kob's Lobster Pound down to Belfast/Searsport still exist?

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    1. re: M-L.
      pat hammond Feb 1, 2000 08:46 AM

      I don't know Kob's. How far from Belfast is it? Belfast has Young's, it's been there for years. And
      speaking of Belfast, PBS will have a 4 hour documentary on the town this Friday. (Check your local listing for
      time!) It won't shown on our station in St. Louis but my New York family will tape for me. p.

    2. m
      Mark Heintelman Jan 15, 2000 02:36 PM

      Our favorite Lobster pound in all of Maine is "Trenton Bridge". I understand they have a permit to trap in the deep waters off Mt Desert Isle, and we've found every season we've been, their lobsters have been better than the other pounds, hands down. They are a traditional roadside type, right at the bridge going to Mt. Desert Isle. An original old style lobster shack with additional outside tables, and wood-fired pots right out in front, a real traditional "No Nonsence" operation. Few options are offered, however, their blueberry pie slices were outstanding last year, hopfully they will be selling the same this season, (don't bother with the corn on the cob unless it's in season, but you don't need a degree to figure that out)

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      1. re: Mark Heintelman
        B Grandchamp Mar 29, 2000 12:10 PM

        I agree. Trenton Bridge has the best lobster on the planet. If it was any better it would be a controlled substance.

      2. p
        pat hammond May 17, 1999 10:02 AM

        Young's Lobster Pound in Belfast and Harraseekit (sp?)
        Lunch and Lobster on the water in Freeport. The former
        is an old old fave and the latter is a terrific place
        for lunch after you've exhausted your pocketbook at
        L.L. Bean. You can eat your lobster there or take it
        away. Lots of other good food in a typical dockside
        setting. pat

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        1. re: pat hammond
          Jessica May 17, 1999 10:18 AM

          I second the suggestion of Harrakeesett Lunch in
          Freeport. The by-the-water setting is nice, and one
          can purchase a lobster without corn, cole slaw, etc.,
          which is nice, and the homemade desserts are good. The
          Lobster Shack in Two Lights State Park (Cape Elizabeth,
          ME) has a wonderful setting, right on that (little)
          cliff next to the ocean, although I think the lobster
          dinners there aren't fantastic.

          1. re: Jessica
            deborah firestone May 18, 1999 10:47 AM

            There's one in Cundy's Harbor (near Brunswick, off
            Harpwell or Bailey's Island?) that I have loved in the
            past. Not sure of its present status. Good desserts
            too and lovely location. Nor do I know the name. Sorry.

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