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Apr 2, 1999 06:07 AM

Western Vermont -- Sugarbush

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We're staying in Warren, VT tomorrow night -- it's on
Rte. 100, midway in between Burlington and Rutland. Any
dining recommendations nearby? We're scouting it out
for a possible vacation there this summer.


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  1. c
    Chris B. Shaw

    Jeremy ...........2 ideas for you . 1) Buy a book called Vermont An Explorers Guide by Christina Tree & Peter Jennison. It is a great book that gives you a great overview of the Green Mountain State , it also includes restaurants. 2) Sam Rupert's on the Sugar Bush Access Road in Warren has been very good for a long time but I have not been there for for quite a while. Tele # 583-2421. Don't forget that Sunday is Easter , reservations may be neccesary. Happy Hunting.

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    1. re: Chris B. Shaw

      Chris -- thanks for the recommendations. I think we'll
      pick up the book on our way up there.

      1. re: Jeremy

        Sam Ruperts has been renamed The Warren House. We had a
        very nice no frills late dinner there - chicken with
        pasta in broth and grilled vegetables and risotto. The
        one appetizer we had was a neglible pear salad - the
        pear was not ripe, the gorgonzola's just a dab didn't
        do us.

        The following night friends in Burlington took us to
        what they called the "best restaurant in Vermont" -Five
        Spices on Church St. Thai and Indonesian, the food is
        ranked spicy by the number of stars, four is the
        highest. Jeremy had the four star shrimp with rice and
        Ellen had three star shrimp with noodles and various
        vegetables. We thought both dishes were very tasty.
        It's a good place for vegans - our friends ate a dish
        called Evil Jungle Princess, which was vegetables and
        tofu prepared in a fancy way. The wonderful dumpling
        appetizers are served with sides of sesame noodles and
        vinegary cucumbers.
        The little towns of Warren and Waitsfield have lovely
        breads, pastries, muffins, and cookies. In Warren, in
        the back of the General Store, is a busy baked goods
        counter loaded with fresh goodies. The Waitsfield
        bakery has baskets of scones, muffins, rolls, etc. As
        one local woman said to me after I was graciously
        greeted, "we're still friendly up here." In both
        places, you can see the kitchens where the stuff gets

        1. re: osnerkahaner

          Plus don't forget out lunch in Burlington, at the
          Church Street Tavern -- great bratwurst, ok sweet
          potato fries, awesome Magic Hat #9 on tap. The soup was
          good too.

          1. re: Jeremy
            chris b. shaw

            Did you do anything besides eat in Vermont ? Did you find a place for your summer vacation? The Church Street Tavern used to have very good Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches , however that was 8 years ago when I was going to New England Culinary Institute. They also now have a restaurant complex on Church Street in Burlington. It sounds as if you had a good time.Vermont can be very relaxing and good for eating.

            1. re: chris b. shaw

              "Did you do anything besides eat in Vermont?"

              Well... we went for some nice long walks and longer
              drives. I think for our summer vacation we will do a
              bicycle trip starting in Middlebury, heading southwest,
              then swing around north up route 22A to Burlington;
              then return to Middlebury by a southeasterly route. I
              need to buy some maps to work out the route more

              1. re: Jeremy
                Chris B. Shaw

                Jeremy..........It sounds like a great plan for the summer. In fact it even sounds better for early September. Before leaf time and after most families have gone back home. If in fact you did buy The Vermont Book there are bicycle tours that go from country inn to country inn. Thusly insuring you will have some good food. In terms of country inns look at the Inn on Craftsbury Common. It is fantastic and they used to conduct bike tours.