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Feb 24, 1999 03:07 PM

blue ginger/wellesley mass

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ate there last night, 2/23/99. famous because of Ming Sai, chef on cable channel food tv. we sampled 6 -7 apps, and three entrees between 5 of us. in the short the cuisine is just fair, none of us would go back.

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  1. m
    martin merowitz

    Ate dinner there with our daughter a year ago:
    Appetizers ok; main courses: unspecial.
    Overpriced. Nice service. Couldn't understand Esquire
    Magazine's fuss. One rainy Tuesday lunch last month:
    better. Great cookies.
    Still doesn't seem worth a detour. Don't think it would
    fly in San Francisco. Maybe, it will keep on improving;
    hope so.

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    1. re: martin merowitz

      Esquire? Mariani and a free meal, that's how it got
      such a good review.

      1. re: Mary

        We were there on 7/29. Food good. Appetitizers so
        late the maitre de restaurant brought them to our
        table and they were not on our bill. We just thought
        it took that long, and we appreciated the
        thoughtfulness. Our waitperson then did not reappear
        until after the entree, and we ate halfway through
        those until we spotted her and got her to take our
        wine order. Overall meal was great, service average.