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Jun 27, 1998 10:08 PM


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Try Belfast, Maine for several very
good restaurants away from the
tourist crowds in Bar Harbor and
Camden. Darby's is our favorite.
They often have sugar free pies for
diabetics like me. Go to Young's
Lobster Pound for the only way to
eat the freshest lobester. BYOB

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  1. We were in Belfast, ME about a month ago and totally
    agree about Darby's. Great restaurant with lots of
    small-town atmosphere and good food. I had the seafood
    pot pie........excellent!

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    1. re: Susanna
      Tom Goldstone

      If you're in Maine, spend a night in the cute Old Port
      section of Portland and have dinner at Fore Street...a
      great restaurant with a theatrical open kitchen and a
      wonderful atmosphere...GREAT food...scallops and
      chicken were both superb...intriguing wine list...
      ask for "Jenn D." as your server...she's a sweetheart.

      1. re: Tom Goldstone
        Steve Gravelle

        Don't overlook Wiscassett, even if the old schooners in the habor have finally rotted away. La Garage is an excellent dressy casual place down by the harbor, but my fave is a CHEAP place - the Sea Basket on Rt. 1. Being on The Route brings in the tourist trade, but it's also the favorite of locals (such as my parents). Specialty is FRESH, as in swimming-around-this-morning, fried seafood - and don't let "fried" put you off. The Basket's breading is subtly applied with a light hand, and it's fied just enough to finish the breading and cook the stuff inside. I prefer the combination platter, with clams, scallops, cod, shrimp, and whatever else happened to come up in the nets this morning. The chowder - fish, clam, and lobster - is also superb.

        1. re: Steve Gravelle

          Sounds great! Thanks. It's on my list for this summer's trip.

          1. re: Steve Gravelle

            YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's it! The Sea Basket is the place I was trying to think of when recommending lobsta rolls (I called it the "Clam" Basket). I make a point of being there at lunch or dinner time when I'm in the area. Ditto all the way!