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Jun 12, 1998 11:30 AM

Blue Ginger

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Has anyone had experience with Blue Ginger in
Wellsley, Mass.? Am I correct that the owner/chef used
to be the chef at Sante Cafe in Sante Fe?

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  1. Yes, Pat -- his name is Ming Tsai. He was the chef at
    Santacafe for about a year (I think back in 1995-96).
    I know Ming from his days in San Francisco, when he
    worked under Ken Oringer at Silks.

    I have yet to try his food at Blue Ginger. Are you
    planning to go there ?

    BTW, Ken Oringer is now chef at Clio (in the Eliot
    Hotel) in Boston. You must eat there if you are in
    Boston. His food is super.

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    1. re: Gary Cheong
      Martin Merowitz

      Ate there late 1/98. pretty good main courses. Pleasant
      place and service. Can't fathom why Boston Globe gave
      it 3 *'s & ESQ mag 12/98 were so wild about it. Prices
      seemed high for what you got. Could do much better and
      cheaper in SF.

      1. re: Martin Merowitz
        dave breen--fairbanks

        just returned from visit home to boston,and ate at
        blue ginger one of best meals my boston friends and
        i ever ate. calamari app better than legal, crab app
        heavenly, entrees delicious and filling, service
        superb. deserves 4 stars. highly recommended.