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Apr 20, 1998 07:24 AM

Best Lobster in Boston

  • j

Going to Beantown Memorial Day weekend to see the
Yankees @ Fenway.
Looking for a place to bring the family for a lobster
dinner. I've been to Legal a few times and was always
happy with the food.
Any other suggestions?
Regards, JK

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  1. Anthony's Pier 4 is supposed to be good. It has a
    great view since it's on the pier. I haven't been in
    quite awhile, though, and I've heard the food has gone
    a bit downhill.

    If you are in the mood for Spanish food, definitely
    check out Dali's in Cambridge. Divine! Icarus is
    also supposed to be very good. If you like Japanese,
    go to Ginza in Chinatown and eat the Ika Moriyaki (or
    something like that). The Elephant Walk (mentioned
    before on the page many times) is also great for
    French Cambodian food.

    If you want more Boston suggestions, please ask, I
    miss the food there and love to reminisce.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: Sandy Paik
      John N. Knoesel

      Thanks for the reply. I had lunch at Anthony's a few
      months ago and while the view was fairly nice, the food
      was mediocre at best.
      Regards, JK

      1. re: John N. Knoesel

        In the past (not for two or three years, however) I've enjoyed Turner's Fisheries in Copley place for seafood in general; I don't know how their lobster rates. You might try Durgin Park, although people complain about it for just about every reason, the last time I ate there the mashed potatoes (which is my main reason for eating there) were just as good as ever and even though we arrived five minutes before closing, they insisted on seating us anyway and our waiter as was as nice as he could be.

        1. re: E. Cornell
          martin merowitz

          Try Go Fish at route 9 west, Natick , if you're in the
          neighborhood. Reminds me of the old Inman Sq.,
          Cambridge, Legal before it metastasized.

          Sorry for so late a response, but I've just gotten
          on(to) the net.

          Good luck!

    2. For steamed it's Skipjack's (both locations). For grilled lobster it's The Palm in Copley Sq.