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Sep 24, 1997 04:50 PM

pioneer valley, ma

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Making a weekend trip to deerfield/amherst/etc. area and am afraid of getting soaked for a mediocre meal in an Ye Olde Taverne situation. I am looking for good suggestions for really delish food, broad price range. Thanks!

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  1. Geez, the Northampton/Amherst area has lots of great
    places for foodies. That's what we do here, we eat
    out! South Deerfield itself has a very special
    restaurant called Siena with exceptional food and
    service. Sort of ecclectic American food.

    Can you be more specific as to what kind of meal you're
    looking for? Lots of great places in that area to
    choose from.

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    1. re: molly gray

      Thanks molly --
      I'm not so fussy as to kind of meal as I am about quality. Great cheap sandwiches or great not-so-cheap five-course meal. I guess maybe if I asked "where would you eat if you had two more days to live and they were in the Pioneer Valley . . . . ?" I may be solo one eve. as well so I guess a nice joint where you can eat without getting ogled would be good. Also, I may be with a twelve-year old part of the time -- anything a precocious adolescent easily impressed with fancy decor might enjoy?
      I'll definitely check out Siena, too. Sounds great. Thanks again.

      1. re: miriam buhl

        Pinocchio's, an absolute favorite. Great wait staff. Good place by yourself. Judies' kind of funky place the twelve year old might stay still for.
        The Lord Jeffrey Inn, newly revamped, gourmetish food.

        1. re: Sue Tanz

          avoid judie's, it's really nothing special - a few steps up from applebees. closer to greenfield, hope and olive and ristorante di paolo are really nice, as is the night kitchen in montague. circa is on my "to try" list in northampton, as is chez albert in amherst.

    2. This has got to be a new record on this Board; an 11 year old OP being revived.