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Jun 20, 2006 12:24 PM

Aujourd'hui Wine Tasting

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Has anyone been to the Tuesday wine tastings at Aujourd'hui? I am considering going, but didn't really know the logistics (inclusive of what the "scene" is) Is this a social gathering or more of a wine snob evening? Do singles go?

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  1. I went with a friend and it was very nice. We got there late (confusion abounded with the start time) but they still hooked us up with everything. Ted the wine guy explained things, he's a sweetheart. Small but decent portions of food. It wasn't a singles thing, small groups and couples were there but that was a year ago, might have changed. I'd like to go again at some point.

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      Admiral Nimitz

      Ted is no longer there, went back to California. Replaced by a very able Brick Loomis

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        Are you sure Ted's not there? I still get emails about events and thought it still said Ted. Brick used to be at Louis wasn't he? And used to go to hardcore shows, but that was a long time ago.

        1. re: Joanie
          Admiral Nimitz

          Ted told me himself that he was leaving so it is a fact. He has returned to his native California, he was a very nice guy. Brick was at Cafe Louis and has a fine palate so I think the program is in fine hands.

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            Admiral Nimitz

            I should note, I HAVE NO IDEA IF BRICK WENT TO HARDCORE SHOWS, or for that matter where in Boston that stuff is still legal

      2. re: Joanie

        We actually went to the tasting on tues night. I wouldn't call it interesting, as nothing was actually learned. I wouldn't call it boring, as my companions were entertaining. But I would not return as I did not find it educational or cost effective. One of the guests organized the outing in an effort to learn something about wine. Though Mr. Brick was nice, he was reticent to help us learn about the wines and why the pairings made sense. He clearly knows his stuff, but this was not the outlet for sharing. We were unaware that this tasting was part of a multi-week blind tasting. We really thought this would be a social outing paired with wine, knowledge and some tidbits of food. Clearly our mistake.

        The courses were as follows:

        Trio of stuffed veggies.
        (tomato w/basil pudding--tasteless)
        (eggplant with caponata-- too sweet)
        parmesan gratineed artichoke heart-fantastic)
        paired with a riesling- sweet

        Pan seared artic char with white asparagus, asparagus and orzo risotto (way over done) and beurre blanc. beaujolais (no one liked this wine)

        cherry and apricot trifle-- very tasty paired with a tasty brachetto wine

      3. I have always enjoyed the wine dinners at Aujourd'hui and considered them to be one of the best values in the city. I'm curious where it is that you typically eat that allows for you to call a three-course dinner paired with wine at one of the premier French restaurants in the Boston metro area, not "cost effective."