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Jun 19, 2006 10:29 AM

creole mustard

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Does anyone know if there is a grocery store in the Boston area that sells creole mustard? Preferably Zatarain's. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Call Marty's Liquor's ((617) 332-1230), on Washington Street in Newton. They have a good selection of gourmet foods, and I vaguely recall seeing Zatarain's Crab Boil there, so perhaps they have the mustard too.

    1. I recently went on a hunt for creole mustard, having remembered buying a big jar of it for about $5 a few years ago somewhere in the Boston/Cambridge area. I went to Whole Foods at Fresh Pond, Russo's in Watertown, Formaggio on Huron Ave., Shaws and a few other places. No luck. I ended up ordering some by mail from Got a jar of Zatarain's and another jar of Rex, for comparison's sake (and so not to run out next time I want some for a recipe -- package arrived yesterday so no time to taste either yet). Prices were very reasonable, under $4 a jar. Shipping not too bad either, and becomes more economical if you order a few other items.

      1. I've gotten it at Cardullo's in Harvard Square.

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          Of course! I should of thought of Cardullo's! Thanks.

        2. There's a gourmet market in Coolidge Corner on Harvard Ave. across from the Coolidge Corner Cinema that has it. The store name begins with a Z. Best of luck.

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            I believe you're thinking of Zathmary's, but it closed a few months ago.

          2. Hard to believe, but occasionally I've seen it at the Christmas Tree Shops. The problem is that you can't count on the same stock being available each time you shop there. Frequently they have gourmet foods from other regions that are difficult to get in NE.