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Jun 17, 2006 11:44 PM

garlic scapes

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Does anyone know where I can find garlic scapes? I'd prefer in the cambridge/somerville/medford area, if possible.

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  1. They're probably just coming in, based on what's happening in my garden. Try the farmer's markets in Davis Square, Central Square, Union Square, etc.


    1. the kimball farm stand at the union sq farmer's market had them yesterday, so they'd likely have them today at the harvard sq. one. i think they are also at the central sq. monday market, but even if they aren't you could probably find them there from someone.

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        I saw them in Harvard Sq. Sun. Have no idea what they are but saw them advertised.

      2. bought some in the Central Sq. farmer's market this week.
        2-3 different farmers had 'em.