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Late Night eats

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Where are some good places to eat after 11 PM? There are some standbys, but I want to hear about them all, and what you think of them.

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  1. Taiwan Cafe is open till 1. Pork chop plate is cheap and delicious, especially late at night.

    Dave M.P.

    1. Wang's in Somerville is open until 1. Never been that late myself.

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        I have! Vegetarian leek dumplings are amazing at any hour of the day (or night)

      2. Bova's in the North End is open 24 hours a day. Nothing quite like ricotta pie at 2am. I think Ginza is open rather late as well (4am?).

        1. Punjabi Dhaba in Cambridge (Inman Sq) is open until midnight. But if you go around 11:30 or later, your choices will be limited, as they don't offer all items on the menu so close to closing time.

          1. tiger lily (malaysian) serves until 2am. on westland street, right behind symphony hall.

            1. Red Fez on Washington Street in the South End serves food until Midnight 7 days a week. I've seen some downhill alerts about Red Fez on Chowhound recently and also read rumors here that they may be closing soon. But, it is still a late night option. http://www.theredfez.com/

              Also, Chau Chow City in Chinatown is open till 3 AM on weekdays and until 4 AM on weekends.

              1. pinocchio's in harvard square serves great pizzas and subs until 2 am usually.

                1. Cafe Pompei on Hanover in teh North End is ofter open til 4 and Cafe Paradiso til 2. There is a pizza pace open til 3 on Cambridge Street on Beacon Hill, about 2 blocks from Charles Street, I haven;t been for years, I think they are open late Thurs-Sat.

                  1. Boston Diner, at the corner of Kneeland and South Streets is open late after the bars close. Their cheeseburger club is great after a night out.

                    1. The Independent in somerville has food till 1 on fri and sat. and has one of the few 2 o'clock last calls in somerville.

                      1. all boston:

                        via matta's enoteca serves until 1:00. it's sister restaurant, great bay, serves their island/raw bar menu until midnight. teatro until midnightl. in the south end, franklin cafe and stella serve food until 1:30. anchovies i believe until 1:00. bukowski's until 1:00. lots of options in chinatown, including peach farm and ginza (my two personal favorites). however, there was an article in the globe about restaurants in chinatown starting to close early (like midnight) during the week because of a drop off in the late night dining scene. a couple of times i've shown up at ginza around 12:30 to find it closed :-(

                        1. I think the Franklin serves until something like 1 am.

                          1. Happy Garden (Chinese food) on the Somerville/Cambridge line delivers until 1 a.m. and is tasty. Also, Spike's Junkyard Dogs (hot dogs) is open until 1 a.m.