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Jun 16, 2006 12:37 PM

Legal's Test Kitchen at the Seaport

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Anyone been yet? What do you think?

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  1. Haven't been to that one yet, but I tried the one at Terminal B at Logan. Delicious black and blue seared tuna served with a cool cucumber salad. Packaged up neatly to take on the plane with chopsticks and a little container of sesame dipping sauce -- Sure beat the other airplane food options.

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      Seaport Area Worker

      Haven't been yet myself but multiple people in my office (located in the seaport) have ripped the place for service (2 hours to get lunch!), price, and edibility. One can hope these are wrinkles that will be ironed out.

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        I could definetly see people complaining about prices. Looking at the menu $12 paninis and $14 fish and chip according the menu thats a bit much for a quick lunch.

        Caution: link opens to .pdf menu

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          Seaport Area Worker

          Another co-worker comment was that for a portion half the size of what you get at regular Legal you are paying 2/3 the price at LTK, so value is much less.

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            That's the menu for the airport location. This is the menu for the Seaport:


        2. I work in the area and went for lunch today. The vibe is actually pretty cool, nice decor, good music -- it was a little bit loud since it was so busy. We arrived around 12:25 and finished and were out the door by 1:15. Service was friendly and they appear to have a lot of waitstaff. Now to the food. The menu is broken up by cute titles like nibbles, comfort, exhilirate and a few others so it was a little hard to tell how big the dishes would be. There were three of us and we had:
          fried calamari that came with roasted cherry tomatoes and a watercress salad - nice crispy cornmeal crust, a few fried peppers, interesting aoli type sauce (around $10)
          cesar salad - pretty basic, not great not awful ($6ish)
          lobster roll - decent amount of lobster, not too much mayo, grilled bun, nice vinegary purple slaw, crispy fries dusted with parmesan and a tiny bit of sage, what looked like homemade pickle slices ($18)
          fish & chips - didn't try this, but DC rated it a 2.5/5(($14)

          All pretty standard dishes, all good, none extraordinary. The food at other tables looked pretty good as well, they had lots of options: burgers, pho, kung pao shrimp, stir fry, chowder, make your own salad, grill stuff where you select your meat and style of season and sides. They also have a take away door off to the side. Prices are a little steep for lunch. Our bill came to $57 w/o tip.

          There are so few options in this area that I'm sure they will remain popular, but I wouldn't go out of my way to try it and as long as you go expecting decent standard fare you won't be disappointed.

          1. I probably won't try it as the location is not cenvenient to me, and I think the chain has gone (way) downhill overall.

            I do love the idea of the wireless CC swipers I have heard about though. They have had these in Europe for a long time and I have always fretted about them not being used in the US. I absolutely hate waiting a long time to settle the check once I am ready to leave a restaurant.

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              I went with te wife last night....I agree with the poster who cited smaller portions than regular Legal- it is abvout 2/3 the price though. It certainly didn't strike me as a total ripoff- Food was pretty good, definately more inspired than the regular menu- I had a jerked grilled salmon with brown rice that was excellent. Ipod decks are cool and the service was fine. All in all pretty decent and worth a shot- oh and a better beer list than other Legals- Chimay, Leffe.....