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Jun 15, 2006 09:42 AM

Kobe Beef

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Where's the best place to enjoy Kobe Beef in Boston? Or, who makes the best dish with Kobe Beef?

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  1. You don't seem to have gotten any replies, but...

    Kobe Beef (from Japan) is banned in the US. You're looking for "Kobe-style" Wagyu beef.

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    1. re: Luther
      Sgt. Snackers

      Is that true? I thought the ban had been lifted - check the site below.

      Shabu-Zen in Chinatown has both 'Kobe beef' and 'Mishima Beef' (the latter being even more expensive) on its menu. The 'Kobe' is excellent -- sliced very thin, served raw so you can cook yourself (IMHO, very rare is the way to go).


      1. re: Sgt. Snackers

        Is the Kobe beef at Shabu-zen the real deal? We had lunch their a couple of weeks ago, I thought it couldn't be from Japan considering the price.

        1. re: Chaumiere

          I had the "Mishima Kobe" special at Shabu-zen too. While it was luscious, I would very very surprised if it actually were Mishima, which is rarer than Kobe and more expensive. My understanding is that some Wagyu is marketed under the Mishima name, but it's not truly Mishima. Just like most of the "Kobe" we see here is actually Wagyu. Kinda makes you respect the Frence A.O.C. and other such systems, eh?

          1. re: Chaumiere

            YOUR RIGHT ITS NOT REAL KOBE BEEF, REAL KOBE NEVER LEAVES JAPAN, It could be real wagyu, but it would be $40. an oz. Clio, and oishii in Boston are serving it

        2. re: Luther

          Boneless Japanese beef, including Kobe, is once again allowed to be imported into the US. The ban was lifted in 2005.

          Is it legal to call American Wagyu beef- Kobe? Can restaurants simply call it Kobe or is only Wagyu beef from Kobe Japan allowed to be called Kobe, like only blue cheese from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon France allowed to be called Roquefort? I'd hate to see lesser quality beef called Kobe, like some restaurants calling imitation Crab/"Krab" just "Crab".
          Does American Wagyu Kobe-style taste the same as genuine Kobe beef? Any experts out there who have done a taste comparison?

        3. I've seen a kobe beef appetizer on the menu at Oga's Japanese Restaurant in Natick. I haven't tried it but it sure sounds good.


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              1. I'm a big fan of the Kobe Beef 'Steak Fritti' at Grotto. You can check it out here: