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Jun 15, 2006 09:05 AM

Rami's, Coolidge Corner

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After hearing about the demise of Sepal in Watertown, I was pretty bummed out yesterday (I was a regular over there, at least before it started going downhill a bit), and I had a craving for Middle Eastern food, so we headed to Rami's in Brookline. I have to say, as much as I liked the falafel at Sepal, Rami's is even better. Everything was good, from the baba ganoush to the potato koureka to the hummus to the turkey shwarma.

I'm glad there are still a few good Middle Eastern places left in the area...Rami's may be my new favorite (although I do like Cafe Jaffa in the Back Bay and Cafe Barada in Cambridge, too).

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  1. I really like Rami's too, but I think I like the shwarma better at Reef Cafe on Brighton Av. Have you been there?

    Dave M.P.

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    1. re: Dave M.P.

      I've had the shawarma at the Reef Cafe, and liked it a lot, and also liked some of the other dishes there. I had forgotten about that place. I hope they are doing well; it was pretty empty when I went there a few months ago at dinnertime. Several Middle Eastern places have closed up over the past year or two. I really hope that trend reverses itself, since it's one of my favorite cuisines.

      1. re: Dave M.P.

        Shwarma is great at Reef Cafe and at Shwarma King. However, Rami's is it for felafel, humous and baba.

        1. re: Dave M.P.

          Weird: Reef does my favorite felafel (fava), Rami's my favorite shwarma (turkey).

          1. re: Dave M.P.

            I live about equidistant from Rami's and Schwarma King, and I'll always choose Rami's for falafel (with the hot sauce), and Schwarma King for schwarma (part of it is texture--I like the grilled pita with the chewy meat).

            I haven't tried Reef Cafe; with the other 2 options so close I get fairly lazy :).

            1. re: Dave M.P.
              I need advice

              I don't know about the shwarma but Reef Cafe is tops for homemade pickles

            2. This is our favorite falafel place but haven;t been in a while. I'm glad to hear it's still doing well. Try the mango pickles and hot sauce next time.

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              1. re: gourmaniac

                I did try their secret hot sauce. Delicious! I'm not a fan of pickles, but they did look pretty tempting...

              2. I agree. Rami's is great for felafel, I always get the same felafel hummus & salad on a pita. The guys that work there are great, although its not the easiest place to sit and eat and the ordering line is a bit awkward.

                1. Rami's may have good food, but I can't stand the atmosphere. None!

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                  1. re: TheScribe

                    So you get your order to go and you stroll about three blocks down Babcock Street to that little triangular pocket park with the benches. Or to that little group of picnic tables over by the Devotion School. Or to any of several other parks that you can get to before your felafel gets cold. You sit, you eat, you people-watch. All the atmosphere you could want!

                  2. Am I the only one that thinks Rami's is extremely pricey? I was there about a month or so ago and paid close to $9.00 for a falafel sandwich with hummus. That's a complete rip-off if you ask me. It was ok, but nothing more than average. I'm not going to get into the whole Boston vs. NYC thing, but why is it that I can get a falafel sandwich down there that tastes 100 times fresher and is bursting at the seams for only $2.50? I know where I'm going this weekend.

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                    1. re: Chrispy75

                      I enjoy Rami's but I refuse to pay their prices as well. They prices are high but not totally out of control for competing lunch shops, my problem is that I'm stuck comparing it against phenomenal and huge falafel in Jerusalem for 10NIS ($2-3 depending on the current rate) and I just can't bring myself to spend so much more.

                      1. re: drboom

                        Okay, I'll grant you that $9 is a pretty high price for a felafel sandwich, but we're in Boston, so it seems as though the prices are what they are. The cost of getting from Boston to either NYC or Jerusalem make the price of those cheaper felafel a whole lot higher.

                        Are there any great felafel IN BOSTON that are significantly cheaper?

                        1. re: Allstonian

                          I don't dispute that at all. The price is probably quite fair for Boston and certainly not significantly different than I'd spend somewhere else for lunch... I just can't fork over the money without thinking about better felafel for a fraction of the price.

                        2. re: drboom

                          Part of the problem might be that kosher meat is more expensive than nonkosher meat. And, though I'm not completely sure about this, another part might be that the cost of operating a kosher restaurant is higher because of the kosher supervision they always have to go through.

                            1. re: drboom

                              Yes, but there is meat served at Rami's, and therefore, it must be kosher, or the restaurant itself will not be kosher enough for the clientele in the area.

                        3. re: Chrispy75

                          Erm...I'm looking at the menu here.


                          Hummus falafel in pita = $4.95

                          Nearly nine dollars?

                          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                            I think that menu must be old...I had one last week (falafel, hummus & salad in a pita) and it was $6.something. So not $9, but not $5 either.

                            I think it's pretty similarly priced to other places here. Shwarma King is the same (within $1 or less). And other (non falafel) sandwices in the area are about as much.

                            1. re: cmd

                              If you get felafel & hummus with salad its a bit more expensive. I usually pay 7 bucks and some change. If you get the felafel/hummus/salad plate its also a bit more expensive, but you get twice as much salad...

                            2. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                              I had a chicken shwarma pita w/ hummous just two days ago for ~$9. I thought it was pricey - and not as good as I hoped - since I'd heard such great things about the place. Maybe if I'd eaten it there it would have been better, but the pita was awfully soggy by the time I got home (~20 minutes). Still, I'll give the felafel a try some other time to see how it compares with Reef Cafe's great felafel.