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Jun 13, 2006 04:03 PM

Notable Closings over the Past Few Months?

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Just noticed the mentioning of Rouge being closed, and it got me thinking about all the restaurants that have closed so far in 2006. Since a lot of diners don't even know about their favorite restaurants closing until they find out the hard way (i.e. showing up to an empty storefront), ihow about mentioning some of the better restaurants (or even not-so-good ones) that have closed over the past few months?

New Taste of Asia in Brookline is one that comes to mind right away. What are some others?

  1. perdix

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    1. re: coookie

      The Nightingale space seems to have a curse over its head.

      1. re: chucktownlady

        You think? It was very successful when it was Geoffrey's.

        1. re: Joanie

          an indian restaurant is opening in the space. i am very much looking forward to that addition!

          1. re: jonathan

            It will be nice to have some variety in the SE. Many of the more ethnic places have closed. I miss Cedar's...etc....Nothing against the Thai places but we have enough as it is.

            1. re: jonathan

              Where did you hear about the Indian place? Any idea of when/who?

              1. re: jonathan

                I saw an item back in May in the BBJ that said the Nightingale space had been bought by One World (which owns Kashmir, Diva, Mantra, Bukhara, and others). It was supposed to be an Indian restaurant called Mela and had an expected opening of mid-July 2006. I walk by that space often, and haven't seen much happening to it.

              2. re: Joanie

                Before that it was Hammersley's, he did OK for himself

                1. re: pilgrim

                  Actually, I think that the Hammersley's space was the former Perdix and Truc space.

                  1. re: pilgrim

                    If memory serves, it went like this:

                    578 Tremont: Hamersley's (1st edition), Geoffrey's (1st edition), The Nightingale, soon to be Mela

                    560 Tremont: Azita, Truc, Perdix (2nd edition)

            2. I only went once but the little falafel place on Park Dr. next to the Christy's and crepe place has paper in the windows.

              1. Spanish restaurant, Iruna, Harvard Sq., JFK St. replaced by Conundrum.

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                1. re: Taralli

                  I didn't like Iruna all that much...

                2. I miss Noodle Alcove.

                  I'll miss it more when the weather turns cold.

                  1. This is getting to be a sad little thread, but I must add TIM's TAVERN and CLAREMONT CAFE. RIP!