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Fried Clams in Boston/North Shore?

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Where can I find a not good, but GREAT fried clam shack in the Boston/North Shore area? I know of one in Ipswich, but are there other good ones? Please help.

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  1. Farnhams in Essex. Nice setting on the Marsh too.

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      Yes. You do NOT want to try to go through Ipswich Center on 133/1A on summer weekends until the bridge in the center of town is reopened (it's been closed since the floods). Stick to Essex unless you are prepared to come at Ipswich from the north or west (look at your maps carefully if you don't know it well).

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        The Clam Box but wait until the bridges are repaired. These clams are tasty, and the batter is light, not greasy. I only eat fried clams once a year, and that's where me and the husband go.

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          Actually you can get to the Clam Box via Rte. 1 North. When you reach the lights at the Wolf Farm Nursery, turn right onto Linebrook Rd. Pass Marini Farm and take first left onto One Mile Rd. The Clam Box it at the end of this road - on the corner of Rte. 1A.

    2. Moultons Seafood, Winthrop St, Medford 781-396-6466 has the greatest clams north of cape cod. Skip the hassle of no bridges in Ipswich and head 4.3 miles north of Boston to Medford. They have other great seafood you can either buy raw to cook at home or you can do take out or have a drink with dinner in the small dinningroom. Service is slow but well worth the wait.

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        I know it's a cliche. but Woodman's is still pretty darn good...

        1. Our favorites are Essex Seafood and Farnham's, both in Essex.

          1. The Best fried clams in Massachusettes are in Everett.
            Mikes Roast Beef on Rt 99

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              I found Mike's clams pretty good, but not in the same league as those at Clam Box, Essex Seafood, or even Royal in E. Boston. [Mike's roast beef, on the other hand, was fantastic]

            2. I'll be at the North Shore Music Theater in Beverly tonight.

              Which clam shack can I get to easily from there?

              Hopefully, this is also the one that has the best quality, lightest batter, maybe some great not too thick chowder, and relatively short lines for takeout on a Saturday night!

              many thanks!

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                The roads are fine in Ipswich, the bridges have been fixed on 1A/133 for some time now.

                From the NSMT: 10 minutes to Farnham's in Essex.

              2. Anyone ever try the fried seafood at the place next to Butcher Boy in North Andover?

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                  Just wondering something about fried clams. Sometimes they are juicy and sometimes the belly's are more dry. Doesn't seem to be wholly related to size. What causes that? Is it the clam itself, or how it's cooked?? Do the above listed places have the dry or juicy kinds or does it vary from time to time. I just had some fine tasty clams but they were dry and I prefer juicy big bellies. Haven't found them juicy for a while. Curious about Moultons. Don't love Clam Shack cuz of the lard and the small bellies. Usually like Farnhams fine and Essex can be okay. Also I heard once about some battered clams, as opposed to breaded or floured, in Maine that are supposed to be amazing. Do we have something like that around here? Are they really good that way? I imagine it being like Zalek's fish and chip batter on a clam and that sounds good to me..

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                    I have been to Moulton's Seafood in Medford about 5 times and never had a bad meal. Their fried clams are very good and were better than the fried clams I had at Essex Seafood in Essex. The fried clams I had at Essex Seafood were overcooked and rubbery. I think I'll stick with Moulton's and the Clam Box in Ipswich.

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                    it can be hit or miss. i have had some of the best fried seafood and some of the worst. their problem is not with quality of ingredients, but of fry-o-lator skills.

                    i haven't been in a while as my last two experiences had been less than satisfactory. if you do go and have a good experience please post.

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                      anyone tried Jimbos in Stoneham? Or Lobster Claw in N. Reading? I think i tried Lobster Claw but no recall of them... I think I recall decent ones at Liberty Stoneham and Melrose, but think I remember a lot of pieces. Thats a complaint I have.. that alot of places fill the plate with pieces and a few whole clams.

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                        Never had the clams at the Lobster Claw- but they used to have a fabulous crabmeat salad. Shredded crabmeat with a bit of mayo. The fried fish is good there, and their fish market was always good ( in store made fish cakes), so i would think the clams were good. Never heard of Jimbo's in Stoneham, but- believe it or not, Casa Mia on Main Street in Melrose ( near the corner of Main and Grove St) has good fried fish dinners.

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                          LOVE the Lobster Claw! I've waxed poetic about their tartar sauce in a previous post... I've tried all of the fried seafood -- haddock, clams and scallops are especially good. Atmosphere rates a zero, but who really cares? Now, I'm going to have to try the crabmeat salad, too. sigh... so many calories... so little time!

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                            I have to make another trip soon- it has been years since I have ordered prepared food from there. And now that the fish market is open again, it is definitely worth a visit.