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Jun 7, 2006 11:54 AM

Brunch, Dogwood Cafe JP

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The Dogwood Cafe in JP has instituted weekend brunch, 10-3, Sat and Sunday, with their regular dinner/pub menu afterwards. We went on Saturday and had delicious buttermilk blueberry pancakes, sides of sausage and bacon, a HUGE side of scrambled eggs, banana stuffed french toast, coffee, and juice. Fresh squeezed OJ was good. Tomato juice was warm, yech. Only complaints were SLOOOW service from a server who I know doesn't work there often during busy times, so-so coffee, and the warm tomato juice. Prices were reasonable. They have make your own omelets, eggs florentine/benedict, breakfast burritos, breakfast pizzas, and other similar things. Very tasty.

The DH went back on Sunday when company was in the mood for brunch and attested to the quality of the breakfast burrito and the breakfast pizza. Service was again sloow and disorganized, and coffee so-so.

If you can stand the nice but slow servers and aren't a coffee snob, it's a good alternative to Doyle's, IMHO. I'm somewhat of a regular so I will mention these few faults to them the next time I am in, but I would still go back for brunch if I wasn't in a rush. I would, however, have my coffee at home first.

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  1. Good to have another option in the area, but the bloody mary's at Doyle's are what keep me going there. I don't know about warm tomato juice. Maybe I'll go by Doyle's after for coffee and bloodys!

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    1. re: cvb

      a few questions -

      1. where is dogwood cafe? (not sure why i'm asking b/c i am a "coffee snob" but you almost had me with the pancakes.)

      2. how is brunch at doyle's? i attempted to go one sat or sun but got there too late and they were only serving lunch (pizza, etc.) how are the breakfast items? given the atmosphere, i would expect the brunch menu to be similar to mike's city diner in the south end: big, basic breakfast plates. is that right?

      1. re: veronicamars

        I was never much of a pancake fan but i swear Doyle's has the best 'cakes in the city. Crispy on the outside and you can get mixed fruit cooked into the batter, i think it's bananas, strawberries, maybe blueberries too. Really really good. I think the other items are fine, really pretty basic but good. And yeah those bloody marys are great. May have to pop in this sunday, tho' dogwood sounds tempting too.

        1. re: twentyoystahs

          Well, these are definitely fluffy and tender pancakes, rather than crispy, but fully cooked with none of the doughy/battery blechiness often associated with short order pancakes. I have to admit I've never had the pancakes at Doyle's-- I always stuck with the eggs benedict, although now I prefer the ones at the place that replaced the Coffee Cantata on Centre Street(proper name escapes me right now)

        2. re: veronicamars

          Breakfast at Doyle's is pretty standard fare. The eggs benedict is good (lots of options), and as mentioned the pancakes are excellent. Get one small order and split for the table.

          The bloodys are GREAT. Best if you get a pitcher. They don't use mix so they put the whole batch together for you. The blond bartender (who left and is now at West on Center) made the best.

          Pros: Parking is always available. Its large, so you always get seated right away. Free newspapers usually on the bar.

          Cons: Its large, they seat you right away, get you coffee, but then there is usually a waaaiiitt for the food. Ah, but fill up on the blood marys! One track mind, sorry.

          1. re: cvb

            sorry forgot to answer your other question.

            Dogwood is on Washington Street (I thought that was Hyde Park Ave??) directly across from Forest Hills Station. You can park in the T lot on the corner next to the liquor store.

            Good pizza and pastas. Love the croutons in their salads and now, we learn, serves brunch.


          2. re: veronicamars

            Well if you're a coffee fan you might want to go next door to Java Jo's. A friend of mine lives in that area and really likes the coffee there.


            1. re: Dax

              I live around the corner, and I _used_ to go in all the time, but I've got to say, they're dead to me now. The last 5 times I've tried to go in the coffee was not hot, it was understrength, and they were always out of some essential ingredient-- like cream, whole milk, plain bagels, or bacon. While I was a fan of their sandwiches, the unavailability of items coupled with the SLOOOOOOW and flaky service makes it impossible for me to spend any time in there. The service was good at the start, but it turned over and now it's just impossible.

              1. re: emdb

                Ahhh, this was almost a year ago when he told me he liked it.