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Jun 7, 2006 11:50 AM


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I recently moved to Acton and am looking for the best restaurant there for dinner. Any cuisine or price; I am simply looking for the best.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Check out the New England Board. There have been posts re. the Acton area.

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    1. re: three of us

      Thanks. I've reviewed those postings, but they list a number of different restaurants. I'm looking for an overall best for dinner...

      1. re: minuteman

        What sort of dinner? Best what? Pizza, chinese, elegant, thai, italian? I think you need to be more specific. Does it have to be actually IN acton or just close by?

        1. re: jb

          I agree with jb's post. You need to be more specific. However, having lived near Acton for 11 years I have yet to find a good restaurant in the area so it may not matter.

          1. re: jb

            Fair enough. Elegant, or at least several steps up from a pizza joint. I'd prefer it be in Acton, although I'd consider neighboring towns. Thanks.

          2. re: minuteman

            In Acton proper, I think you're out of luck. There is a French restaurant on 2A that you may have noticed, Le Lyonnais, that looks upscale. I've eaten there twice and in my opinion, it's "eh". In my opinion that the best restaurant around here is Serafina in Concord, which someone else recommended. It's Mediterranean/Italian, very good.

        2. Good Luck.
          There are many places to eat, but few are worth anything.
          Filho's on 119 in Groton, Bamboo in Westford on 110, Dahila in Bedford, Aigo Bistro in Concord and Walden Grill are all good. But in Acton, there is nothing worth eating except for TC Landos Pizza on 27.
          There are good places west and north of 128, but you really have to look and don't let price be your only guide.

          J's at the nashoba Winery in Bolton is very nice, elegant 18th century setting, not cheap and not terribly innovative, but the overall experience is very nice. In Priceton is Sonoma which is fantastic, but a long drive, nice on a Saturday or Sunday. Check it out, have always had great meals at Sonoma. The Sole Proprietor in Worcester has worl-class seafood, I have been goinghere for 18 years, don't miss it.

          Welcome to the area.

          1. b

            BTW, Aigo is, sadly, closed. I like Serafina in Concord for Italian. It is not out of the world but it is very good for the area.

            1. i must be the only one who looked at subject line too quickly and thought it said "best ACTION resturant" and thought "what the f___?"

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                The SummerVillian

                Most of the posters below are pretty correct.
                Although as pleasant an atmosphere as Serafina has
                we have twice been more than underwhelmed by the food. (& prices)
                My take on the area is there are two better than average
                chinese places one in Acton one in Concord.
                the Acton one is rather simple and has been there more than 10 years w/ same mgt.
                (taciturn by the way) but the food is always fresh and they will
                adapt the dishes (some decent fresh shellfish specials too)
                to the exact way you would like them prepared, which means
                a lot to me in evaluating a place. It is a low key, comfortable,
                white table cloth, low priced place... Ginger Court on 2A /acton
                In Concord (X tracks from train sta.)a little more expensive & with a bunch more attitude & traffic, is Chang An.
                This place will never be confused with Chau Chau city or anything, but it is somewhat better than average suburban chinese food
                & its fairly quiet and elegant, in an erzats oriental sort of way.
                Mgt. here can be actually nasty (am I spotting a trend here?) And for entertainment, there is this rather comic group of condesending Amahs normally hanging at the chashiers, checking out the customers & doing no disernable work!
                The bartender's friendly though, if your by yourself eat in there.
                They do quite an interesting (if unauthentic) fillet of schrod with lemon and lettuce which typically has a bright, fresh thickened lemon sauce and very fresh fish.
                Their L. time buffet, isn't up to Yangtse's (one town over in either direction.) both (GC &CA) have perfectly satisfying food which isn't easy to find in the area.

                The Villian

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                1. re: The SummerVillian

                  The lunch buffet at yangtzee in littleton, actually all the food at that location is terrible. Some of the worst chinese food I have ever had. Even the airport or mall food court is better, seriously. What is odd is the Lexington location is actually passable and their sunday dimsum buffet is very good.

                  The Sunday dinner buffet at Bamboo in Westford is excellent.