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Jun 5, 2006 08:13 PM

New to Boston; Jamaica Plain Restaurant Recommendations?

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My husband and I are new to Boston and getting to know our new neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. Aside from 'City Feed & Supply' (yum) we haven't ventured out much (we literally just arrived). Before branching out to other neighborhoods we want to find the gems in our own backyard. The Mister is a vegetarian so veggie friendly places are a priority. We are also interested in nice cafes, great bakeries, a tasty place for breakfast? Thanks for the tips everyone!

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  1. Went to Cafe D in JP on Center Street a couple of weeks ago and thought it was very good. A little small and cramped but nice food.

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    1. re: Emilief

      I went there recently also. I loved the appetizers, but thought the entrees were just OK. I would definitely go back and order a few apps in lieu of an entree.

      They also have very affordable wines and pretty nice service (although I have heard others report that service has been bad).

      For a similar area and price-level, I much prefer Ten Tables.

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        welcome to the neighborhood! city feed has some great sandwiches and coffee to die for (Equal Exchange).

        i second james' gate (my fave pub ever), zon's (my fave lamb burger ever) and fiore (among my fave dessert/coffee places ever).

        look for a new place opening up in the old triple d's spot (i think the triple d's sign is still up). haven't heard much except that it'll be more of a bar than restaurant - but will certainly have food.

        other spots:

        jp licks - ice cream, the original location!
        centre street cafe - delicious brunch, you'll notice the long line out the door on sundays (worth the wait)
        bella luna - good pizza

        1. re: veronicamars

          Lots of recs for Fiore, and I don't think I've ever seen it. Can someone tell me where it's located?

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            Fiore's bakery is a half-block from where I live. But, seriously, it's at 55 South Street (near the Sedgwick Street branch library). South Street is just a continuation of Centre St.

    2. Bukhara for Indian is good and has plenty of veggie options. JP Seafood is sushi and other asian stuff, and they have very nice veggie sushi and other veg friendly stuff. Centre St. Cafe has good veggie options but big lines for Sunday brunch. Ten Tables is a nice place and has a veggie tasting menu most nights.

      1. You'll see quite a few Jamaica Plain/Roslindale subjects if you search. Besides others mentioned, Zon's in Hyde Sq. is good fancy home cooking and Bella Luna around the corner for pizza and Italian. June Bug Cafe in between is all right, not the most exciting baked goods in the world. Blue Frog on Green is best for that, also Bread & Butter on Washington, Fiore's on South and Sweet Finnish is okay with plenty of room to sit. Java Joe's by Forest Hills is a nice cafe too but again, not thrilled with baked goods (haven't had sandwiches at these places yet). Dogwood next door has good pizzas and cheapish entrees, Galway and Costello's on Centre for good townie places. Miami, Alex's and La Pupusa Guanica for latino food further down Centre. Wonderspice is Cambodian/Asian so should have some veggie choices. Doyle's is fun for a drink. And there a good places in Roslindale to check out.

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          Has Alex's re-opened? I walked by there on a Friday night a few weeks ago and it was closed as people were doing some work inside. I didn't know whether it was just for that weekend or what. I need to get back and grab one of those chimis. And maybe a roastisserie chicken.

          1. re: Dax

            Grab me one too.

            I tried re-creating it at home, but couldn't recall exactly what all it was. Can you take a stab at it ?

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              Well, I actually haven't been down that way in a while so not sure what's up with Alex's.

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                Andrew Barnes

                Yes, Alex's is open again.

            2. e

              One place that I would strongly recommend (especially for their sake cocktails is Cha Fahn which is right by the monument.

              Here are a few others that stand out IMHO (most have already been posted in previous responses)

              -Wonder Spice - I like their appetizers, but am not a fan of their main courses (except for the crispy fish).
              -Fiore's - Best scones and great quality coffee
              -James's Gate - best nachos in Boston (and good to decent pub food)
              -Yelli's Coffee Shop (sp?) for chicken and more


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                Cha Fahn appears to be closed now. Bummer, I liked this place, the sake sangria was awesome.

              2. 10 Tables on Centre St.
                Best food I've had in a very long time! Excellent service, small but great wine list and cosy atmosphere! Well priced too!

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                1. re: dininggal

                  They also offer a 4 course vegetarian prefixe (every night except Tues and Wed) for only $25. The non-vegetarian options are equally yummy :)