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Jun 5, 2006 08:11 PM

New to Boston; Jamaica Plain Restaurant Reccomendations?

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My husband and I are new to Boston and getting to know our new neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. Aside from 'City Feed & Supply' (yum) we haven't ventured out much (we literally just arrived). Before branching out to other neighborhoods we want to find the gems in our own backyard. The Mister is a vegetarian so veggie friendly places are a priority. We are also interested in nice cafes, great bakeries, a tasty place for breakfast? Thanks for the tips everyone!

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  1. Welcome to our neighborhood. We love CityFeed, too, so you must be near us and Stonybrook. JP has a good, if limited selection as you'll hear here. Sorella's is a small diner, with great pancakes of bizarre concoctions, good quick Sunday morning fix in Hyde Square. Centre Street Cafe is a love it or hate it place. We love it, but hate the Sunday morning line. Their waffles and Cuban Scramble dishes are my favorites. Dinner is more subdued and healthy. It's got a funky JP vibe. Great neighborhood place. Asian food is JP Seafood for sushi or Wonder Spice for decent thai. Bukhara is good Indian....James Gate is probably the best pub for burgers and Irish stew and such...Bella Luna is so-so Italian, pizza's not bad. But it's very friendly and fun. I'll stop there, have fun exploring

    1. We have only lived here a year, but have found the best food in JP to be Wonder Spice. We like the pizza at Same Old Place, but have found the best pizza down the road in Roslindale at The Pleasant. Great El Salvadoran food at a little hole-in-the-wall just east of Bella Luna on Centre St. - on the south side of the street, on the corner. Can't think of the name right now. James Gate is a great place for a beer by the fireplace on a cold, rainy or snowy day and for a beer on the patio at dusk on a warm summer night.

      1. I would guess I'm a little more picky than the above posters; so I'll give you my picky-person version of the JP restaurant scene: largely indifferent, or overpriced, or both.

        Exceptions: The only really great restaurant (in my opinion) in JP is Ten Tables. You'll need a reservation. This place has great new-french food for reasonable prices. The tasting menu nights (weeknights) are great: good food, super cheap prices, (and to make up for the prices, small portions). There really are 10 tables, plus a chef's table, so you'll need to reserve ahead, for any day of the week.

        Tacos el Charro on Centre street used to be a favorite, but they've fallen on hard times: the food might be recovering. The tacos were once awesome.

        Centre Street Cafe, Sorella's, Bella Luna are all generally overpriced or overhyped, although worth a visit if you want to work through the menu and find what you like.

        At any rate, Ten tables is a must visit. The next closest must visits in my book are Matt Murphy's and Pomodoro in Brookline Vilage, both owned by the same woman.

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          1. Hi, Welcome! I live in the 'hood, too.
            Vegetarian: Centre Street Cafe
            Bakeries: you have a traditional bakery in Fiore's, and then more 'refined' bakeries are Blue Frog and Canto 6.
            Breakfast, Sorella's and Centre Street Cafe. Be prepared to wait in a line at both places.
            Dinner: Zon's, The Alchemist, Wonder Spice and JP Seafood are among my favorites.