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Jun 4, 2006 09:56 PM

transcendent breakfast within 1/2 hr of Acton MA?

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Hello. Like many chowhounds, my family and I are perfectly happy with simple breakfast fare and have happily patronized some of the good locals...(Julies in Acton,club car in Concord, Fitchburg Airport, Pauls in Westford) along with the "upscale"--Nancys Cafe at the Stow Airport....quite good, but probably not as good as they think they are. We also like Andros in Belmont.

What I am looking for,is for lack of a better word, something transcendent..and the model of that would be The Bridge Street Cafe in Shelburne Falls. If you have gone you know what I mean. If you haven't--Go.
About a year ago some poster turned us on to that, and we are forever grateful.
The standout for me is the homemade cornbeef hash, but every thing else is good....interesting but unpretentious specials, with everythign else..the coffee, juice, pastries all above. We have made the 160 mile round trip several times since.

So, what else is as good? thanks!!

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  1. Wow, Nancy's is upscale?

    Not transcendent but the Moran Sq. Diner in Fitchburg does a good greasy spoon breakfast. Don't know much in the area including east of Acton. I don't think Nashoba Bakery in W. Concord has such great baked products but maybe their breakfast sandwiches are better.

    1. My wife and I have the hardest time finding good breakfast places (well, good restaurants in general also) around the Acton area. If we want something basic, we usually go to Julies (wow, imagine that, Eggs Bene is the special). For something a little more adventurous, I just cook at home.

      I've wanted to check out the place at the Stowe airport for a while now, but I heard it closed at one point, so I never tried to track it down, but will do so.

      For really good home made cornbeef hash, check out Rosebud's diner in Davis Square. One of the few places that doesn't just open a can.

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        I ate at the aiport once and didnt like it. Service was really slow, seemed as if 2 people were running the whole place including doing all the cooking! I had the special which was chicken pot pie and it was not cooked enough, all the veggies were raw in it.

        I have not been yet but i keep hearing rave reviews about a diner for breakfast on nashua street in leominster. Forget the name, but its not far from UPS, not much else on the street.

        I also hear good things about the Harvard Fruitlands museum for brunch.

      2. It's not even close to Acton, but the best breakfast place we've found is in Portsmouth, NH, and for breakfast fans, it's worth the drive. It's also a throw back in time -- for those of you who remember the 60's, this place will feel familiar, with the addition of lots of tattoos. Great, interesting food.

        The Friendly Toast
        121 Congress St.

        Hours: Monday-Thursday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Open continuously Friday 7 a.m. until Sunday at 9 p.m.

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        1. re: hokum

          I'll second the Friendly Toast, but it's defiately more than 1/2 hour out of Acton.

          I don't know about trancendant, but Vic's Waffle (formerly TD Waffle) in Tewksbury (rt 28) has good coffee, fresh made waffles (get em with pecans inside), real maple syrup and fresh squeezed orange juice. I regularly travel about 1/2 hour to get there myself.

          Also out of your 30 minute range, but closer than Shelburne Falls for great (the best I've had) Corned Beef Hash, is Stella's, a fairly new place that opened on Middle St (near the Grog) in Newburyport.

        2. I just returned from The Village Grill, in Chelmsford, MA. It is my new favorite breakfast place in the area. I wouldn't classify it as transcendent, but VERY VERY GOOD. Unlike almost every breakfast place in America, the coffee was actually quite good. Not syrupy flavored like Starbucks and others, just good coffee. My daughter and I both had the New England special. The eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage were all excellent. Expecially the bacon, thick and perfectly cooked (right on the edge of almost being crispy). The hash-browns were perfect. I hesitate to recommend this place simply because there was no wait for seating. The only other breakfast place in the area is Paul's in Westford. Paul's has recently improved their menu, but Village Grill is truly the best breakfast place in the area.

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              It's right in the Center of town on 110 next to the Traveling Rhino. It's set back a bit in a parking lot, but it can be seen from the Street. It's directly behind the giant Sunoco station.

              Village Grille
              1 Central Sq, Chelmsford, MA 01824

          1. I haven't been out to breakfast in that area since I lived in Acton, but now I find myself on the N. Shore going to Christopher's in Reading. Good specials everyday, always a long wait after 10 though. Or Brother's in Wakefield, fast and cheap nothing special but the eggs are always cooked they way you want, never any mistakes.

            Just seems like if you want a Transcendent breakfast, you have to go north to NH, VT, or maybe Maine to a maple sugar house or old school mom and pop place. I make a lot of those hour long trips (or more) for a memorable breakfast.