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Jun 2, 2006 11:20 AM

New Haitian Restaurant Medford St (& other Somerville)

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I noticed last night that this opened up in the takout Chinese (high turnover) space. Looks like one or two tables, but more takeout, and they had a line at the counter around 7:30 last night. I still have the Highland Cafe and the other behind Assembly Sq on the list first, but may check it out sometime.

There also is a Brazilian Café of some sorts going into the G Case space. When I get a chance, I'll ask in one of the businesses to find out a bit more

Also Lino's in Somerville is offering a flat-price Buffet for $4.99. Not certain what days and I think they have a mix of Italian on Brazilian on it. Hopefully its better than their a la carte options.

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    Thanks for posting about this. Can you be a little more specific about where the new Haitian place is, for those of us unfamilliar with the neighborhood? An approximate street number on Medford St would be a huge help. TIA!

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      Sorry, I initially put McGoun Sq in the title and then removed it. A few doors down from Lil Vinny's, next to Petisco's. So right around 525 Medford, before the CVS, right hand side heading towards Broadway.

      I have heard good things about the Highland Cusine (2 Highland Ave) HiddenBoston, but haven't made it yet. Its popular with the cab drivers. The one person around here that I think might have been already is Paul.

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        I spent the last few years working with the Haitian community in Somerville and have hit Highland many times- its really good, but I always got the feeliong that it was better when I was with my Haitian co-worker who ordered for me in Creole- we always seemed to get random treats and awesome service...

        Interestingly- I haven't met a Haitain from Somerville who would claim that Sunrise is better....the general consensus amoung many there is that Surise is not great....

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          Do you remember anything that they ordered for you? I have never had Haitian food, and I would really like to try it.

          (BTW, what type of work have you been doing with the community? - if you don't mind me asking.)

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            I tried Sunrise recently. I wish I'd been with someone who knew anything about Haitian food or spoke better French than me because I have a hunch there's good stuff on that menu. I tried the "fried pork small." That's the name -- you can order a meal or a small. What I got was a HEAVY styrofoam container of rice and beans, fried pork and some very spicy hot sauce to put over both. The fried pork was okay, I'm not exactly sure what it was, maybe belly? Lots of fat. Oh, and yeah, fried. In fact, everything on the menu seemed to be fried. There were a couple of interesting descriptions -- something like a bone-suckers plate and fish bone soup (I wish I could remember exactly). It was a lot of food for $6 but I'm not dying to go back. Very friendly staff, virtually all-Haitian clientele from what I could gather.

            1. re: yumyum
              I need advice

              Where is Sunrise?

              1. re: I need advice

                It is behind Assembly Sq Mall. If you come up past Home Depot alongside 93, take the next right *after* the movie theater. If you come from rt 28, take the exist for the mall (going north its on that road on the right, coming from Everett its a little different). Its a small restaurant with curtains in the window and there is truck trailer storage area just past it. It is also behind the 99, I believe.

          2. re: Itaunas
            I need advice

            Where in Somerville is Medford Street? Is the area accessible by T? A walk from the T? HELP! I want to try the new Haitian place!

            I have been to Highland Creole Cuisine and I can confirm that, yes, it is very good. Most of the items are fried meats (like another poster said) but I think there might have been one small veggie option on the menu. Not the place to go if you're a vegetarian though.

            The portions were big and filling. The service was friendly and the clientel was all Haitian. At least when I was there. The majority of people were picking up take out orders. There was a looong line by the front counter.

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              It is right by Wang's, which is mentioned a lot on the board. Its accessable by bus -- various buses from Sullivan up Broadway, the 80 from Lechmere. There are buses from Davis that go that way, but not certain which ones -- it is the closest station and could be done as a long walk. You will see a CVS at the intersection of Broadway and Medford St.

              1. re: Itaunas

                Nothing directly from Davis--they run up Broadway through Powderhouse. About a half-hour walk from Davis if you move reasonably quickly.

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                  I need advice

                  I've been to Wang's many times. I'm sure I can find it. Thanks for the help!

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          I'm intrigued by the Haitian restaurant on Highland by City Hall. Has anyone been there? If so, what's good there?

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            A post from awhile back with several replies...


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              Oh, please don't send more people to this restaurant! The cabbies block my street as they get their plantain fixes! Entire families dressed in their Sunday best double park so they can enjoy the porkie goodness. Take the bus..... the 88 from Lechmere will drop you off right across the street. Just don't bring your car and double park.

            2. The G Case space will be a second location of the larger Padaria across the street. I was in there (the original space) today and they said the location will have sandwiches and more food items (as opposed to bakery items).

              1. The turnover in that place is crazy............ I'm madd late! LOL

                1. To get to McGoun Square, besides the 80 bus out of Lechmere, you can also take the 89 bus out of Sullivan station, it runs on Broadway Street. The 89 runs two buses, Davis Square and Clarendon Hill, and both of them will drop off at that area. There is a bus stop at the Salvation army, at the intersection of Medford and Broadway.