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May 29, 2006 01:38 PM

Looking for outside seating - metrowest area?

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Are there any bars or restaurants in metrowest with nice outside seating?

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  1. There's a concrete patio outside John Harvards in Framingham. Also, there's a back deck at Union Street in Newton Centre. Neither are fantastic restaurants but you can eat and drink outside.

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      Stone Publick House in Ashland has a lovely patio with a big shady tree, and lovely food. Run by the man who created Matt Murphy's in Brookline Village, I believe.

      1. re: chowcat

        Stone's is very good. TJ's in Ashland if you want a burger on a GREAT patio. It is a dive bar that built the patio for the smokers, so keep that in mind.
        Bullfinches in Sudbury, more upscale.
        Franco's on Speen st, natick. Good pizza, decent Italian.

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        Cafe Sol Azteca in Newton Centre also has an outdoor patio.

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        Food isn't the most chowish, but Desmond O'Malley's (Framingham) has outdoor seating.

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          I actually think Desmond's has pretty decent pub grub, especially the buffalo chicken sandwich (it's grilled instead of fried).

          Sadly, there is NO atmosphere on that patio (if it's the same as it used to be)--a view of the parking lot, with Rt. 9 on the horizon.

        2. Stone's Public House in Ashland, hands down the best patio in the MetroWest! Great food- great vibe- good times.

          Stone's Public House
          179 Main St, Ashland, MA 01721

          1. Blue Ginger and Vela, both in Wellesley, have patio seating.

            1. Met Grill and Sel De la Terre in the new section of the Natick Collection (Mall) both have good food and outdoor seating (with umbrellas)