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Bob's in medford

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Had the hot pastrami w/ everything (cheese, hot peppers, pickles, tomato, onions) today at bob's after getting multiple emphatic recommendations. It was pretty awesome, in the kind of way that might have taken six years off my life. (perhaps getting cheese was overkill. Seriously messy eating.)

We also picked up some of bob's sausages to grill tonight, hot italian, special chicken, and cheese and garlic. I wasn't crazy about the cheese one, but the other two were really good.

any recommendations? I think I'm going back tomorrow.

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  1. Man - I love everything I've ever had at Bob's - to pick one would depend on my craving tomorrow. Probably the Chicken Parm and/or Meatball sub. :)

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      The grilled eggplant sub might restore a few years (eggplant, provalone, roasted red pepper). Or stay on the road to perdition with the imported Italian or the roast beef.

      1. re: Aromatherapy

        My top 3:

        Chicken Parm - homemade & delicious as is
        Cheesesteak - with or without mushrooms, peppers, onions
        Imported Italian - lettuce, tomato, oil & seasoning

        Sounds like I need to add the meatball and the grilled eggplant to my rotation. I think I now have lunch plans.


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          I second the chicken parm, also the steak tips. Their various salads are good. My husband loves the stuffed peppers. And I think their buffalo mozzarella is some of the best around, either in the salad or on its own.

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            The broccoli rabe with garlic I got the other day was tasty, though I thought a splash of wine vinegar improved it.

    2. I'm not familiar with this place, but it sounds like I should be. Where are they located exactly? And, more importantly - do they make a good reuben sandwich?

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        Definitely not a Reuben kind of place. This is very much an Italian sub shop.


        Link: http://www.bobsfood.com/

      2. I asked a friend who lives in Medford about this place last evening and he said he goes there all the time. In fact, he said he was in line last weekend when the Hidden Gourmet was in there filming!

        1. Bob,s chicken parm. really doesn,t do it for me. The best chicken parm is El Panino Express in the North End.

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            There's also an Il Panino Express on Mass. Ave. between Harvard and Central Sq.

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              I don't know if the two have the same food exactly, but I found the chicken parm at the Mass Ave location to be completely mediocre. My current favorite is Victor's deli, but I think I need to try Bob's.

          2. kewl! thank you for the heads up on BoBs-im going to head there for subs soon-how far are they from winter hill somerville?

            1. Don't forget to try their steak tip dinners or subs... you get enough tips for 2 meals and it comes with salad and either fries or rice. I usually get a double salad and I automatically take 1/2 and pack it up for lunch the next day... same goes for their turkey and lamb tips. Haven't found any food there in over 30+ years that I don't love- and trust me when I say I have tried EVERYTHING they make either in a sandwich form, prepared meals, catering, and from the butcher shop....
              Main Street just before Dello Russo's if coming from Somerville- rioght after Dello Russo's if coming from Medford Square.... give it a try.