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Mar 30, 2006 04:56 PM

Mexican in Seattle

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I need good Mexican food! Spicey flavorful mexican food. I've been here a year now and after living in S.F.'s Mission district, San Diego and L.A. where there are good taqueria's and fancied up Oaxacan / Vera Cruz type sit-downs 0n every fourth block, all the mexican places I've been to here border on criminal.

I'd kill for good Mole or a Milenesa Torta or even a hint of barbacoa. Birria? Anywhere?

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  1. I usually look for a taco truck if I want a torta.


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    1. re: paulj
      thee trouthole

      yeah.. taco trucks. there's this one in white center, right across from whatsit... new angor market? yeah...i think that's it -- and that new halal butcher. anyway, go there and order a ton of stuff. don't matter, it's all good. cross 15th and head into the pacific rim brewery. yep, you can bring in food. sit at the bar, ask for a pint of rat city IPA. think to yrself:
      thanks trouthole...

      thee trouthole
      si, uno mas

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        Thanks for the tip. Just got back from La Carta De Oaxaca and the Mole did me right so I got my fix. White Center is a bit of a trek but maybe I'll get there.

        Now if only I could find a good Saturday morning Birria...

        1. re: thee trouthole

          This truck does have good food havent seen them there lately are they still around?Is there one in downtown burien.I like La Costa in the srip mall next to Grocery Outlet,was made by one of the brothers of the owners of Aztecas cept in an article said he wanted to make mexican the way he thought it should be.Much more original id say.

      2. La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard.

        or take a trip.

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        1. re: shelley

          I second this place... wonderful mole!

        2. Check out Muy Macho in South Park for some great tacos and La Carta de Oaxaca for Mole and more. Burrito Loco does a decent mole, too.

          1. This place is the closest I've found to neighborhood restaurants in Mexico:

            La Botana
            8552 Greenwood Ave N

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            1. re: Colin

              Really? What do you get there that's good? I've been twice and it reminded me of fast food Mexican-all iceberg lettuce and gloppy refried beans.

              1. re: kiliki

                The Cochinita Pibil at La Botana is super delicious!

                BTW Hi Kiliki we know each other from the hiking forums....

                1. re: allisonw

                  It's not just super delicious, it's crazy good!

            2. I like El Gallito in the central district. The portions are good, the food is decent and they dont rush you out.


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              1. re: Michele

                I used to go to El Gallito with some regularity but last year had a bad experience involving a quesadilla and a cockroach and won't be back....

                I like, in this order:
                Agua Verde

                1. re: Susu

                  Cactus is quite mediocre... they have some authentic sounding foods... but the flavor development is not right, and the proportion of foods they carry just isn't like something in Mexico.

                  And finally my biggest pet peeve.... how the hell do you call yourself Cactus and not have one single dish on the menu that features.... cactus???