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May 19, 2006 08:39 PM

Legal's Seafood

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Which is the nicest location? Long Warf?
Which is the easiest to get to our concert at Bank of America Pavilion?

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  1. Long Wharf is your best choice

    1. My preference is Kendall Square, Long Wharf is also ok, Harvard Square might be good - I just haven't been there yet.

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      1. re: John

        the test kitchen on northern ave is pretty good, but Kendall Square is among the best too

      2. There is a legal Test Kitchen within walking distance to the Pavillion.

        1. If you are set on going there, LTK is right by the pavilion.

          1. I'd pick Long Wharf only because afterwards you can take a Water Taxi straight to the Pavilion. (Just don't plan on taking it back because after a concert the taxi line can be crazy and the boats overfilled)

            But if you were going to be in the Long Wharf area anyway, I'd recommend Sel de la Terre instead.

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