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where to buy Queso Fresco cheese?

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i've checked places like all the Whole Foods Markets.
South End Formag.
Bodegas in JP.

All to no avail.

Any ideas where I can buy this super yummy cheese?

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  1. I would imagine that you can find it in most of the Hispanic/Latin American Markets in the area. I haven't bought it here but when I lived in CT I could find it at any Mexican Market.

    If that doesn't pan out you can always order it from V&V Supremo. They have a large assortment of Mexican Products (especially cheese).

    Link: http://www.vvsupremo.com/englishindex...

    1. i've purchased it at the Stop n Shop at the South Bay Center in Dorchester.

      1. Any of the Brazilian supermarkets in Framingham or Brighton.

        1. Stop & Shop in Malden/Everett.

          1. Anywhere there's a Latin contingent. I find it at Market Basket in Salem.


            1. Hannaford's on Main St. in Waltham has it. What do you use it for?

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                I use it when making Mexican dishes.
                It's great as a topping.
                It's really light flavored.
                Not at all intrusive.

              2. Shaw's in Eastie and S&S in Revere

                1. Stop and Shop by the Somerville Home Depot.

                  1. Market Basket in No Andover has 4 or 5 varieties. I slice it and fry it and put it on toasted french bread with salsa.

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                      Somerville's Basket has a bunch

                    2. Costco!

                      Queso Fresco and Queso Blanco.

                      How are they different (in Boston) and what shall I do with them (in Boston) if I try them (in Boston)?

                      (LOL, can you tell I'm expecting this to get booted away from the Boston-area board to the 'cooking' forum?)

                      1. I have purchased it at the Alewife Whole Foods several times... they have occasionally not had it when I was looking for it, so it's possible that your visits are when they're out.

                        1. You will find it in most Costco's, as well.