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May 15, 2006 11:36 AM

Rendezvous - Central Square, Cambridge

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4 of us ate at RV this past Saturday evening. Bottom line - delicious food, horrible service.

I started with the asparagus and dandlion salad. This had a nice flavor, but the green pieces were way too big. How hard is it to make lettuce bite sized? DCs had the squid and gnocchi, both were delicious.

Main course - I had the halibut which was scrumptious. I especially liked how they used seasonal veggies to accent the fish. With the halibut were fava beans, baby artichokes and ramps.

Dessert - meyer lemon pudding with huckleberry sauce. This was freaking unbelievably delicious. The pudding was light and airy, the huckleberries perfectly complemented the pudding. I was scraping my spoon acroos the plate to get every last drop. If I was at home, my finger would have gone across the plate.

Down side - the service.

The service was horrible. Absolutely atrocious. No one could keep straight who ordered up. I hate the whole auctioning of food. But, not only that, they would blindly guess wrong. Plus, the server kept
touching people.

And, the ginormous wine faux pas. Three people ordered three separate glasses of wine with the meal. 2 entrees came out. three empty glasses. wait awhile for the two other entrees. Still empty glasses. the entrees come out. Then the waitress comes out with two bottles. We were chatting and the waitress pours my friend a taste. I realized afterwards that the waitress neglected to show us the labels)She says ok. Pours me a taste. I ordered a rose. It looked red, but it tasted really good so i said ok (I mean, it could have been a darker rose). I drink a couple of sips. Then she pours the third person's glass (he was sitting across from me) and his wine came out pink. I said, oh, I think that's my glass. Her response? "oh, I thought it was strange that he ordered rose" (because he got the veal osso buco). She takes my glass and puts it in front of him. Then gave me his glass. This was after I had tasted and drank out of his glass! I couldn't believe it. I was flabbergasted I couldn't even say anything.

Then, for dessert, my friend got tea. She brings the tea out, pokes (yes, pokes) my friend in the arm and told her, you have to steep this for 6 minutes. The whole dinner she is patting two people in the arm, too much touching where it was noticable. And, the poke in the arm!

We thought about saying something but honestly, all four of us were dumbfounded. None of us had ever experienced anything like that in a restaurant!


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  1. We were also there Sat pm, around 9ish. Our service was mostly ok. The only glitch was when the server came back to my husband saying "sorry - I got interrupted - did you order the scallops?" He politely replied that he had ordered the dandelion and asparagus salad. It showed up that way on our bill too. What ever happened to the lost art of writing it down?

    As for the food, we were also thrilled. I got the spring vegetable antipasto and loved the tiny artichoke. mmmm. DH got the halibut. Yum. I had the gnocchi, which was also amazing.No complaints at all on the food!

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    1. re: Bluebell

      Well, I wouldn't really call that a service "glitch.."
      Your server realized he was confused, approached your husband, and politely tried to resolve the problem. And then, apparently, there was no problem.
      That would not affect my opinion regarding service in the slightest, if anything, I'd feel good that the server attempted to rectify the potential problem immediately.

      1. re: twentyoystahs

        This wouldn't keep me from going back, but I thought I'd mention it, especially since it was also wrong on the bill. She did bring back a corrected tab, and we did tip over 15%.

        There was no improper touching at our table....

        1. re: Bluebell

          Oh, sorry, mis-read your post. I thought you were saying it was correct on the bill, but is wasn't. So yeah, I could see why the combination of those two things might be worth mentioning.

    2. Sorry to hear about your service experience.

      I took catchow there last night for his birthday and we had a great experience. The food was all that you say and the service was excellent. I was especially relieved, given that it was Mother's Day (though I suspect that most folks took their mothers out earlier in the day).

      The room is too noisy -- hard to avoid with that glass wall at the front -- but otherwise really, really nice.

      Thanks for the tip, chowhounds! I highly recommend Rendezvous if one or more in your party are vegetarians.

      1. We were there for the first time this Saturday too, at 8 pm. I thought the meal was the best I'd had in a long time for the very reasonable price. I had the dandelion green and asparagus salad, husband had the squid (excellent). Salad was overdressed, but since the lemon vinagrette was not overpowering, it didn't bother me too much. Otherwise very good. I had the halibut - it was perfect and my favorite part was the morels. Husband had the duck 3-way. I couldn't try much of it (the med. rare breast or sausage) because I'm pregnant, but the confit was very good. We definitely did not have the touchy-feel server, and I would say the service was ok. The only thing I was bothered by is that you cannot order still spring water in a bottle because they supposedly fill up their water glasses with spring water. My water actually had a "smell" to it (confirmed by husband) but there was really nothing I could do about it since I don't like sparkling water.