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May 13, 2006 11:41 AM

Hearty Breakfast Spot

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In the mood for a good hearty breakfast ... sunnyside up eggs, hash browns, sausage or hash ... or perhaps blueberry pancakes. We love refined food for dinner ... for breakfast we just want good and hearty. We live in Cambridge (near Brookline Lunch ... it's just a tad bit cleanliness-challenged for us and we're in the mood for something new) but would be willing to take a morning drive to just about anywhere. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. Superb breakfast food. Thick-style Johnnycakes, yum.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      =i second the deluxe. superb food. good selection of mem tea. con: it is a bit busy on sunday mornings as the three or four area churches let out. pro: if you can't get a table, sit at the counter and watch the grill area. should reassure you of their food handling

      1. re: mbc

        I live nearby and go there often, but don't think it deserves all the praises - definitely deserves some. Home fries are boring and the eggs often seem overcooked to me. Love the toast options, coffee is decent, sandwiches are great, but I go there for breakfast because it's convenient not a destination.

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          I love Deluxe Town Diner, but for the pancakes. Eggs and hash browns are basic, you could get that at any diner. I like the blue corn pancakes.

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            The DTD used to be our destination when the owners ran the Blue Diner, then the Art Zone/Blue Diner over in the Leather District downtown. Agreed that their eggs are often a bit overcooked in their omelettes, but they do a mean smoked salmon benedict, and those poached eggs are usually perfect. Not to mention their sweet potato pancakes, which are divine.

            I still schlep from downtown and get in line to eat there when I need my sweet potato pancake fix. Though the words on Busy Bee in Brookline and Victor's Diner in Watertown have now piqued my curiosity, too.



      2. 3 Yolks on Route 1A in Revere. Drive North out of Logan Airport, on your right hand side before you reach Bell Circle. Good hearty breakfast. They serve 3 egg omelets, grits and biscuits with gravy (YUCK!). Coffee is just ok, but everything else is very good diner-ish breakfast food.

        Another great little place, but certainly not as easy to get to is Leo's in Wakefield. Located in the Greenwood section of Wakefield on the Melrose line. Very small, but great raspberry pancakes. The raspberries are in the pancakes, not just on top.

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        1. re: kate@50

          Except if Brookline Lunch offends the cleanliness meter, then 3 Yolks is sure to do the same for the OP. I do love the place, though.

          1. re: MB fka MB

            Sometimes you have to dumb down your own personal cleaniness views for some of the best hash browns in Boston;)

        2. If you don't mind counter service (with a side of grumpiness), the Eagle Deli in Cleveland Cirle is my favorite spot for a hearty breakfast. Their home fries are great.

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          1. re: cmd

            Re: The cleanliness at Brookline Lunch.....If you think that is bad I wouldn't go to the Eagle Deli- I've seen some of the shadiest and most revolting food handling there- ever....

          2. Victor's on N. Beacon in Watertown is great - friendly service and all the traditional, hearty diner breakfast options. We MUCH prefer Victor's to the Deluxe Town Diner - I think Town Diner is overpriced and over-rated . . . .

            1. Busy Bee in Brookline near St. Mary's! A retro diner with great food cheap. You can get a hearty breakfast for $7 or less.