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May 13, 2006 03:08 AM

JAMAICAN PATTIES- the search continues for homemade

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what a drag- the patties at camie's in cambridge are the same patties served in all the jamaican places i have tried in new england. they are made by a n.j./n.y.c. factory whose name escapes me.(Tower? maybe). you can always tell them by their stamped/cut-out distinctly YELLOW tough thick pastry and the pureed nature of the can buy big boxes of them at restaurant depot in chelsea. it seems NO jamaican place in boston makes their own patties (except i heard recently that there IS one place(on blue hill ave i think)that makes its own. these factory- made patties can be found at camie's, the jam. place on huron ave, the jamaican place on huntington ave a few blocks away from the mfa,AND that jamaican place in worcester(even though she told me she made them herself tsk tsk...). such a shame. there's a place in phila. that makes heavenly ones and i'm going to bring back ALOT of them if i get down there again!

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  1. Tower Isles is the grotie frozen one you are referring to. :(

    1. Why are they so difficult to find, do you think? How are they any different from empanadas in terms of the difficulty of making them? Your quest is intriguing.

      1. What about One Love's Veggie patties? Everything else there seems made on site.
        BTW, had lunch on Thursday. There was a group of 10-12 occupying the room, so she suggested crried chicken or goat roti, although I was intent on the veggie patty. The goat was yum, a stew with chick peas, could have used some veg in it, and the little bone shards were annoying. Very Yum though

        1. If your ever in Hartford, try Scott's Jamaican Bakery on Main st. just north of the city. I used to get patties there all the time and I'm almost positive they made them there.

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            I've heard Scott's makes their own as well. There are three Scott's Jamaican Bakery locations in Hartford. Which one is best? Are any of them sit down?

          2. You asked this a while back, and I suggested you give IRIE Jamaican Restaurant in Dorchester a try for homemade beef patties.

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              Know this thread is an oldie, I hope the OP discovered Lennie's Tropical Bakery on Blue Hill Ave Dorchester just after Morton Street intersection. Best made on premise patties in the Boston area, and even more delicious on a fresh baked coco bread w/ cheese (yes a meat filled pastry sandwich!).

              1. re: PaulB

                I haven't been there in well over 5 years, but I remember Lenny's having the WORST West Indian food ever and doubly bad when they microwave it to then serve it to you in styrofoam. Ew. Maybe the patties are worth a re-visit? I don't mind their hard-dough bread when I've grabbed it at Tropical Foods (try making a grilled cheese sandwich on that bread, mmm....)

                1. re: MB fka MB

                  I'm not a fan of their food either, just the bakery products. I usually go to Taste of Eden or Flames when in the Dorchester area for JA food.

                  Grilled cheese on hard dough bread sounds delicious!

                  1. re: PaulB

                    Wow - another Taste of Eden fan (though I'm not sure how much of a fan I am anymore). It used to just be called Paradise Restaurant - do you remember that? Tiny standing room only space in front of bullet-proof glass through which you ordered your food? Loved their stewed chicken - I was an addict and I don't think I've found a comparable dish since. But when they upgraded to Garden of Eden, it seems like the food really suffered. It sits around under those heat lamps/in chafing dishes too long and isn't fresh tasting. I head to Flames in Mattapan instead.

                    1. re: MB fka MB

                      Yes, I remember Paradise. Sounds like we both have been eating JA food in the Boston area for a long time. I need to go on a Dorchester/Mattapan crawl to discover some new spots, there are so many I've never tried or haven't tried in some time.

              2. re: HwyStar

                Irie has the same patties as everyone else I am afraid.

                1. re: foodieB

                  All this pattie talk sent me to Irie yesterday. The gal at the counter siad they were from the Royal Caribbean Bakery in NY. Bettter than the Tower ones but not by much.
                  Slightly better crust, less flakey and yellow.
                  Seemed a little bigger too.
                  more of a variety than many places. Jerk chicken and beef, which i got, were good. I think there were fish, shrimp and perhaps veggie as well.
                  Had a lot of other really interesting stuff on the menu and in the chafing dishes but I didn't have time to indulge.

                  Next stop Coast Cafe. Thanks for the reply Yum Yum.