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Apr 26, 2006 10:24 PM

Fried Chicken?

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I've been living in Boston for 2 years now and this fine city has satisfied most of my culinary desires. One of the last things on my list is a good fried chicken place. Any suggestions? Preferably in or around JP.

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    1. re: Joanie

      This is almost off topic, but wasn't covered in the longer thread and might help someone. Some of the African American-oriented congregations around Boston offer lunch to worshippers after Sunday service (all invited) from time to time. Often Fried Chicken, collards, mashed potatoes, and sometimes mac and cheese. Concord Baptist Church and Elliot Church in Roxbury come to mind, but there would be others closer to you in JP. Soul food....

    2. On my side of the river, I really like Coast Cafe and the Summer Shack for fried chicken. On your side, though, Roche Brothers does a very good fried chicken (that they for some reason call "broasted").


      1. Stopped at Chef Lee's for takeout yesterday. The white meat fried 1/4 came with two sides. I got mac and cheese and cabbage since they were out of collards. Added a side of old school banana pudding and so-sweet-I-think-my-teeth-rotted sweet tea for a total of about $14.

        The fried held up much better than it had in the past and was quite good still when I got home. They need to marinate the chicken in more spices or at least add some more spice to the flour before cooking, but it's good for the area. Mac and cheese is baked and quite good - tastes quite similar to the mac and cheese at my folks' old country cooking restaurant back in GA. I really wished they had collards but the steamed cabbage with a few pieces of collard greens were still good. Cornbread is that abominable sweet stuff they serve up here.

        Bread pudding will be on tap tonight.

        I also hear that the Fish Pier in Southie across from the Playwright has good fried chicken. Haven't tried it yet.


        1. j
          Joshua Herzig-Marx

          Mi Tierra in Waltham has very good fried chicken. Otherwise, I agree with Roche Brothers (I think they're making prepared foods for many area supermarkets now, too).

          1. How about Bob the Chef's? Their Glori-fried chicken is the best I've ever had. The restaurant now called Bob's Southern Bistro.