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Apr 19, 2006 03:30 PM

Cambridge Saturday Lunch

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I'm looking for a good place for lunch with the parents this Saturday. Ideally in the Union/Inman/Harvard/Porter area that has a nice sit down atmosphere and tasty food.

If it were dinner, East Coast Grill or Westside Lounge would be my choice, but neither are open for lunch on Saturdays.

Anything similar and good for four on Saturday?

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  1. S&S Restaurant is always a good choice. Good, quality food at decent prices. With a nice atmosphere. It's between Inman and Porter.

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    1. re: luvineatin
      East Cambridge Hound

      I've always felt differently about S&S, though I know there are many adherents out there. The atmosphere seems joyless with surly service, and the food has always underwhelmed me significantly, especially for what I consider to be high prices for a deli. My money would be on O Cantinho, Muqueca, or perhaps B-Side Lounge--if you're thinking upscale pub--for lunch on Saturday.

      1. re: East Cambridge Hound

        another resounding thumbs-down for S&S based on many attempts to like it over the past fifteen years -- just not so...

    2. How about the Forest Cafe on Mass Ave? Really tasty Mexican, low key atmosphere. It's between Harvard and Porter, so you can walk around before or after lunch too.