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Apr 15, 2006 05:01 PM

Chester Fried Chicken Salgadhinos? The BEST!

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Went for pedicures today on Medford Street at Broadway in Somerville (Magoun Sq. right by Wang's Fast Food). Right next door to Mimi's nails (decent job for $23 by the way), there is a little Brazilian take-away restaurant(-ish). Above the awning is an old Chester Fried Chicken sign and on the windows in vinyl lettering some menu items are listed. Pasteis, juices, etc. They've got a case on the counter right in the front full of salgadhinos - there appeared to be a lot of variety (also listed on the menu), but it was quite tough to get an explanation and we just ended up with being offered chicken or beef.

Anyway, I had the BEST salgadhino ever. Normally ham and cheese is my thing, but I got a beef one. First, they were giant, so be warned. The dough is a bit thicker than most, not greasy, but the filling is what won me over. So bright and tasty. The beef was ground, but not too finely, some onion, green pepper perhaps, a little sweet. It had lots of green onion that really wowed me. Great deal for $1.30.

A little further down Medford St. (away from the Square) is a Brazilian buffet - my friend had stopped in once and got a great meal, but I've never tried it. We popped our heads in today and I've got to tell you it was the freshest looking I've seen. Lots of usual suspects, plus fried chicken, lots of meat dishes and a full on meat grilling station at the end. Sorry that I don't remember the name...perhaps someone will chime in. Oh, and it was BUSY.

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  1. The buffet/grill place is Churrasco and the snack place is Petiscos. Itaunas has said nice things about both recently. Denise Taylor gave Churrasco a great Cheap Eats review some time ago in the Globe. I confess I haven't tried either, though they are on the ever-lengthening list. I think the length is directly proportional to my girth. Damn chowhound.

    1. This is my hood so I'm glad to hear some good things about the neighborhood's eats -- it's pretty hit or miss around this part of the Ville. That bakery on Medford St has great cheese bread and very good coffee -- sort of decadent way to start the day, but good hangover cure too.

      ** Off topic but get your pedicures at WonderNail on Mass Ave north of Porter Square -- $20 and better than decent. Then you can stop at Quingdao or Greek Corner for food to admire your toes by. I always try to plan my errands around the local grub. :-)

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        And that's even NEARER to my 'hood! Thanks for the tip.

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          Howdy all, please keep the discussion focused on chow, not pedicures. We've had to remove some off-topic posts. Many thanks and keep on chowing.

        2. Aromatherapy was correct with the names of both of those Petiscos and Churrasco Grill. I do recommend both, just don't buy the day-old pao de queijo at Petiscos. :-)

          Petiscos also has some excellent soups (caldos) and "natural juices" which they make are a good bargain (from the same frozen pulp as most brazilian places) and can be made with milk. If you can catch the owner's daughter there, communication should be easier, but I assume she is probably there less now as school is in session.

          If you want an even doughier pastry, you could try the Pastelaria Broadway on Broadway South of McGrath. Service in English will be a bit dicey there too.